The Russian Football Federation (RFEF) has denied Rubiales’ pleasure trip to New York that was paid for by the federation

RFEF has challenged the information you posted secrecy which revealed a supposed leisure trip to its boss, Luis Rubiales, to New York paid for by money from the Federation. “Again, this information is false. The journalist did not verify this information and has only one coercive, false and malicious copy,” the agency asserts.

According to the information in the newspaper, the leader said that he was traveling to the United States, between October 31 and November 4 2018, to meet with the United Nations and the MLS with the aim of finding sponsors and agreeing on matches. . From the Spanish team on American soil, but he was already touring with a Mexican painter with whom he had a romantic relationship and a photo of him with Rubiales was published in the newspaper.

This information is wrong. The journalist has not verified this information and has one coercive, false and malicious copy.”

RFEF . statement

“The trip the news is referring to was institutional, in order to work and look for more income for the forum. On this trip, the president of the federation was accompanied by Juan Rubiales, director of the Council of Ministers at the time and Antonio Gomez-Raino, director of institutional relations of the Russian Football Federation, This trip was paid by UEFA only for these three federations,” the federation explains in a first point.

secrecy He adds that Rubiales traveled in class a job On a trip between Madrid and New York, he stayed at The Nolitan for 350 euros a night. In addition, they confirmed that business meetings did not take place. “There was a great agenda of action that was previously shut down, facts to be adopted at headquarters where appropriate, thus responding to slander in this new chapter of the campaign of harassment and demolition against the president and his team,” the union letter continues.

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The union attacks the public newspaper, describing the “published document” as “manipulated with intent to show that the flight was personal to Luis Rubiales, cross out the name of the president’s federal comrades, and use an intimate photo”. On the other hand, they announced that “the filming file was stolen through a robbery under investigation.”

Luis Rubiales, President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation

Luis Rubiales, President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation

Rodrigo Jimenez / EFE

The union was awaiting the decision of the precautionary measures that would have prevented the publication of this news, but the decision was postponed at the request of a lawyer. secrecy. The statement concluded by saying: “If these precautionary measures are taken, it will be impossible to publish this illegally obtained information. We appreciate the bad faith in publishing this false news today before the decision of the precautionary measures with the aim of trying to influence the judge’s decision.” text.

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