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A few weeks ago, it’s already availableThe WhatsApp-How to write-in colored letters-20220515-0019.html “target=”_blank”> The WhatsApp Plus 2022 20.20.0. However, a few days ago The The WhatsApp-changes- The WhatsApp-and-removes-one-of-the-most-annoying-things-from-app-20220512-0058.html “target=”_blank”> The tech company made the first update From the additional platform and with it came some Interesting changes For application clients.

Although the competing platforms are much stronger than before, Wpp is still the most popular choice globally. The instant messaging company offers its users dozens ofThe WhatsApp-trick-to-see-who-writes-you-without-look-at-mobile-phone-20220512-0086.html “target=”_blank”> Tools that allow your experience to be more comfortable and effective. In order to continue to win billions of people, Meta continues to develop very useful configurations.

For many, WhatsApp Plus is completely unknown. However, this is a file Secondary version of the original app. its just Available for Android and gone Designed by HeyMods . Group. It differs mainly in the presence of many Exclusive Features And because it allows design customization. Additionally, it has been reported to have better privacy terms.

With new developments reported, The user will be able to create a list of “best friends”, as Instagram did, which is called “close friends”. This gives Possibility to send pictures of countries to the home screen of the cell phone of these contacts. That is, the people you have selected in this “closed” agenda, will be able to see your posts directly from the desktop.

To implement these novelties, it is necessary to download the application LivePic widget for LiveIn, which syncs With WhatsApp Plus. In addition to these issues, improvements and improvements related to the program have been made, for example, ‘App is not responding’ notification won’t appear on Android 11 and 12.

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remarkably Reactions to messages have not reached this version of messagesbut is enabled for The WhatsApp beta. Similarly, developers will try to install said tool for the next few months.

This is what the countries will look like on the home screen of a cell phone.

To enjoy these developments, you should look for ” The WhatsApp In addition to the “LiveIn LivePic widget” from Google Play or Play Store. Then you download it, and follow the steps to create and verify the account. After everything is done, you will be able to start using it.

This new update brought new features to the user and More polishing the application that was already very complete, able to significantly expand the capabilities of instant messaging for Android. If you want to update, this new version of The WhatsApp It is an excellent opportunity.

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