The reason why your contacts are not listed online


Why not showing ‘Online’ status in some WhatsApp contacts?

In this regard, three possible cases must be analyzed, which are the only ones that make it possible for the said specificity to occur.

One of them is to perform the trick of activating Airplane mode, then replying to a message The WhatsApp, Close the application using the Home or Start button and finally deactivate the mentioned mode. This will cause the connection to “online” and “write…” not appear.


turn, version WhatsApp Beta for Android It allows you to hide “online” for “everyone”, although the “write…” option is not yet possible.

The third and last indicates when it is an unofficial version of the messaging service, be it WhatsApp Plus, GB, Fouad, etc. That is, the modified APK files with more features than the stable version.


The trick to read the deleted WhatsApp message

This new update indicates that professional users can now own You know what the deleted message said.

It should be noted that this function can be performed on both devices Android like iOS Without having to use an app outside the messaging service.


With this in mind, a series of steps must be followed:

  • Enter WhatsApp settings.
  • Go to notifications
  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • Click Notification History
  • There will be all messages received on the last day, both deleted and undeleted.

Another option, exclusive to users with an Android cell phone, is to install apps like WAMR and WhatsApp + have been removedwhich stores all WhatsApp data.

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