The Pumas 7s are still on fire and they go all out in London: they beat Japan and thrash Fiji

The goal is to bid farewell to an unforgettable season with a title Cougars 7s they faced London Sevensthe final stage of the circuit, and the start could not be better in this direction. After defeating a weak Japanese team on their debut, the Argentine national team handed themselves another historic win: 40-12 over Fiji.the biggest teams against the island team, one of the major forces.

At 1:35 p.m., the Pumas 7s closed out their participation in Group B against Ireland with first place practically guaranteed thanks to their huge points difference. Either way, they’ve already made it to the quarter-finals.

With a ticket to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in my pocket And second place in the fixed table thanks to a silver medal achieved a week ago in Toulouse, Santiago Gómez Cora’s team reached Twickenham. With no other goal than bidding farewell to the season with the third title. With that drive, the Pumas 7s came out to play on fire. The 28-point difference achieved against two-time Olympic champions Fiji is the largest difference achieved in the history of head-to-head between the two teams.

Argentine celebration in London historic victory over Fiji

And that the start was not good, as Waisea Nacuqu was cut down after the start and in a desperate attempt to avoid the attempt, Marcos Moneta committed a foul that cost him the yellow card. Fiji got the try, but Argentina responded, still at a numerical disadvantage, and managed to take the lead thanks to Luciano Gonzalez-style action, who withstood several tackles against the touchline and succumbed to a Germain attempt. Schulz. Back with seven players, it was Fiji who were left with one player less due to the yellow card of Nakou and the Argentines took advantage: Rodrigo Esgro left the lead and backed it up to go into half-time with an advantage of 14-5.

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The second half was light blue and white. Joaquín Bilandini’s good work led to the breakup of Tomás Elizalde; In support, Isgró tried but gave in to Moneta, who hit 45 on the season to lead the table. Then came three consecutive victories at the start that ended with three more goals (González, Mateo Graziano and Elizalde). Six in total for an unforgettable performance.

In the first match, the Pumas 7s overtook Japan wide, and the team that finished last in the arena is relegated and plays thanks to an invitation to complete 12 places, because at the same time the playoff for the last place of the 2023/24 season is taking place. The 43-12 success (7 attempts to 2) reflects the class differences between the two teams. The Argentine attempts came through Luciano Gonzalez (2), Rodrigo Isgro, Marcos Moneta, Santiago Alvarez, Alejo Lavigne and Thomas Elizalde.

Isgro jumps in to win the streak

The London Sevens is played in a different format to the previous ten stages, with 12 teams instead of 16. This means that there are three groups of four teams and the top two groups of each and the two best third-placed teams qualify. New Zealand had already secured their double World Tour title and the Pumas 7s took runners-up, whatever the outcome. In addition to these two, Fiji already has its ticket to Paris 2024 (as does France for being homegrown), so the fourth available spot is in contention between Australia, Samoa and South Africa.

To highlight at the beginning of the tournament, Samoa’s impressive start with victories over France (28-21), Australia (24-14) and Great Britain against South Africa (19-15).

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In addition, the three teams placed between 12th and 15th (Uruguay, Canada and Kenya) with Tonga, the winners of the challenge, will compete in the playoffs to face the 12th team for the 2023/24 season. There, the Uruguayans started off on the right foot, defeating Tonga 15-12.

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