The new PS Plus announces a release date, although Europe will be the last region to receive it

PlayStation claims to be making progress on its project, which will have a phased release depending on the region.

The community is eager to get new data about new ps pluswhich will divide your entry form into three options: Basic, additional and special. Since then, various members Play Station They were raise expectations from the community with First confirmed games Or the reasons behind There are no exclusive offers on launch day.

Now the Japanese company returns with new data: release day of your expected service. With a window set in June, the web page The company has been updated with information regarding the day of your arrival, as detailed below:

  • Asian markets (excluding Japan): scheduled for May 23
  • Japan: scheduled for June 1
  • USA: scheduled for June 13
  • Europe: scheduled for June 22

As you can see, players from the European region will have to wait. a few more days To get a taste of the new PS Plus, because we’re the last to receive the news from PlayStation. Moreover, the company also announced that It will expand access to cloud gaming To Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. Which, in total, allows total entry 30 countries to the game via broadcast.

Knowing this, it remains to wait until June 22 (or an earlier date, if you’re reading this from another region) to see the advantages of the new PS Plus. At the moment, we already know that the new PlayStation service Won’t remove PS Plus set In addition, Latin America will have different subscription.

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