The new complaint against Alvaro Sayeh

A new criminal complaint was added last week against the businessman Alvaro Saih and his children Jorge Andres and Maria Catalina Sayh, as well as against Cristóbal Cerda and Pilar Danubettiin the context of the struggle already unleashed by many investors who accuse Corp Group Banking (CGB) of “emptying equity”, at the detriment of bondholders, and of a “simulated contract”.

The latest legal action was carried out by the same attorney who handled these cases, Carlos Cortes, On behalf of Trayenko Investments LP, a foreign company incorporated in Quebec, Canada, but domiciled in Providencia and represented by businessman Pablo Gilona Vialwith companies in the real estate world.

DF MAS contacted the businessman, but received no response.

The complaint, filed on July 11 and already declared admissible, describes facts substantially similar to previous facts already submitted by MBI, among other things. That is, “the defendant used the tools of modern economic life – bonds – to attract the interest of investors, To then begin carrying out acts of repeatedly emptying assets, all at the expense of the alleged bondholders, who are the victims of these events,” the text states, specifying that Trayenko Investments LP invested $275,000 in the aforementioned bond, which is about $224,378,000, according to the dollar on the day the complaint was filed.

Since the defense of Sih, Attorney Samuel Donoso He noted that “this complaint is another one from the same attorneys present and that, as we have repeatedly stated, they lack any legal basis, as they only seek, through criminal proceedings, to collect additional sums to those they have already received, under Chapter 11 proceedings in the United States of America.”

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It added, “Under this latter action, an ‘absolute and complete settlement’ of persons who were part of the Chapter 11 process, including all of the previous creditors of the bond, was agreed and judicially approved. None of the said persons can carry out actions contrary to the plan that was approved in Chapter 11. This is intangible from the agreements reached in said bankruptcy process, which must be well investigated by the Chilean Ministry of Public Force System of Chile and also by both the Ministry of Chile Follows in the system of public legal force in Chile and also investigated by the competent bodies in the United States.

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