The movie Stephen King recommends on Disney+ isn’t his, but it’s much better

the stephen king movie, The bogeymancoming soon to Disney+. Although you can’t miss it and praise the writer for adapting his novella, there is Another address On the platform you left To whom? Completely Adores.

If you followed our recommendations, you’ve almost certainly seen it already, but if for some reason no one noticed it, that’s another sign that you should see it now. No one will save youa sci-fi horror film that was a huge hit in the United States, and for good reason.

The film stars Kaitlyn Dever (Believe me, Dubiesek) received 80% approval from critics, and now King has shared his own photo on social networks review Which can be interpreted as a 10/10.

And so the writer said that No one will save you He is “Bright, bold, enveloping, terrifying” He could have stood there and convinced everyone that he needed to see him as soon as possible, but he followed that up with better words. compare Brian Duffield’s work with Loop** Twilight Zone**(The unknown dimension) named InvadersHe explained that to find anything close to the film, we had to go back more than 60 years to that chapter to achieve it.

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There can be no higher praise, The 1959 series is considered one of the best series in history in the horror genre that also combines science fiction, humor and drama… Its five seasons received an average approval rating of 92%, and none of them dropped below 86% individually. It is not for nothing that it remains a reference today.

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What’s going on? No one will save you

The film recommended by Stephen King with these wonderful words tells the story of A A young woman lives alone in a house on the outskirts of the city. It has practically no contact with the rest of the population, which has completely isolated it for a long time.

One night, he hears strange noises in his house and is afraid to believe it Someone has entered To steal or harm you. But what I never expected was this The raid was carried out by a foreigner. From then on, she will have to fight to survive and she will have to do it completely alone, because no one in the city will be able to save her.

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