Viral Tik Tok | Peru in Canada surprises by revealing the amount he receives for his work in construction Latinos in Canada | How much do you earn in construction in Canada? Video | Viral video

Canada is a magnet for those looking for a better future abroad. Photo: Composition Fabrizio Oviedo/LR/TikTok

In an exclusive interview with TikTok channel Robertoemigra, the Peruvian native revealed surprising details about his construction salary in Canada. He confirmed that he can earn up to $7,000 a month, of which only $1,500 is allocated to the cost of housing, while the rest is spent on buying cars.

Canada is a magnet for those seeking a better future abroad, providing thousands of people with access to it Permanent residence every year. Many of them choose to work in the construction sector, a sector with attractive salaries and additional income opportunities thanks to new businesses.

Peru earns thousands of dollars in Canada

When the interviewer rebuked him and asked him to tell the truth, the Peruvian worker insisted that this was his real wage. Working only five days a week, with nine-hour daysAfter covering your basic expenses, You have $3,000 a month to spend however you want.If possible, buy cars.

The sudden revelation caused a huge uproar on social media. TikTok users expressed their surprise and enthusiasm, expressing their desire to work in Canada. Comments such as “I want to go to work in Canada,” “Let the information pass so I can go work there,” “I also want to live this dream,” and “This is progress.”

So far, The video received more than 41,000 likes and generated more than 500 commentsIt has become a viral phenomenon that highlights job opportunities in Canada and the aspirations of many to achieve a better life in the North American country.

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