The Last of Us: Naughty Dog has confirmed the news that has disappointed fans

There is no doubt that 2023 is a very special year for our community The last of us. We say this because it marks the 10th anniversary of the original’s 2013 release. Naughty Dog will celebrate this milestone with a special event, but the community would do well to temper its expectations.

A remake of The Last of Us Day will take place on September 26, an event that seeks to celebrate the PlayStation franchise and its community. There are expected to be interesting announcements, but will there also be news about a new video game or the second season of the HBO series?

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Will there be news about The Last of Us soon?

Since the event coincides with the IP’s 10th anniversary, the community was hoping that the developer studio would share news about a hypothetical sequel, a multiplayer spin-off, or a new season of the TV show.

Society better be careful. Through a post on social media, Naughty Dog confirmed that there will be no news about new projects in the series during the broadcast.

News regarding the future of The Last of Us will be conspicuous by its absence

“Tomorrow, we celebrate The Last of Us Day broadcast at 9:00 AM PT with announcements focused on art, merchandise, and more. While we honor the 10-year legacy of the saga, we will not discuss any future gaming or TV projects.

As expected, the community reacted with frustration to the news and lamented the lack of news. “I’m a big fan of TLOU“But the lack of announcements about the games or TV show is disappointing,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Then don’t expect us to care [el evento]said another.

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Players have been waiting to hear news about the future of the franchise
Players have been waiting to hear news about the future of the franchise

Although this news was disappointing, it was expected. A few months ago, Naughty Dog confirmed multiplayer The last of us Delayed, while a report says the project is in danger of being cancelled. On the other hand, the second season of the HBO reality series was temporarily halted due to the actors and writers’ strike.

Why is The Last of Us Day held in September?

Although high-profile news will be conspicuous by its absence, the community can expect an interesting and eye-catching celebration. Now, why is this event being held this month?

Last of Us Day occurs on September 26 to commemorate the day the Cordyceps outbreak reached its peak in video game lore. To highlight this fact, the event was named The Last of Us: Outbreak Day, but its name had to be changed due to the health emergency it experienced starting in 2020.

But tell us, are you disappointed by this news? Were you expecting an announcement? Let us read to you in the comments.

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