“The Moon Killers,” the new film from Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, is based on a true story and a best-selling book.

“Moonflower Killers” (Apple TV+)

The countdown has begun. The new movie Martin Scorsese is close to landing in theaters, after four years IrishIt is the director’s last film and is also considered one of his great works. Moon killers This new adventure will be titled by the director of classic films such as… taxi driver also Wild bullThey have that 80 years old – He will be 81 years old in November – this shows that he is at his best. Because with this latest project, he’s not only returning to cinema in a big way, but he’s also doing so by adapting a best-selling book inspired by a remarkable true story.

Because for this new film, the director chose to adapt the novel of the same name by David Grann, the author of other great novels that have already been adapted to films such as Z lost citywhich was brought to the big screen in 2016 by James Gray. A book that delves into history Osage, an indigenous nation in Oklahoma that during the 1920s became the richest people in the world after the discovery of several oil wells within their reservation. The Osage suddenly began to live like billionaires, in large mansions, with valuable jewelry and fur clothing, and they even had white men as servants.

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However, a series of murders have begun to occur within the Osage, and several wealthy members have recently disappeared or been found dead. That is why the police investigation begins by the newly created FBI, which is in the hands of a young director Edgar J. Hoover Makes the agent responsible for the search Tom Whitewho along with other agents infiltrate the Osage tribe to find out exactly what is happening, and in the process uncover one of the largest conspiracies in US history.

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To bring the novel’s characters, and by extension the Osage tribe members and the FBI investigation, to life, there will be a star-studded cast with old faces familiar to fans of Martin Scorsese’s films. For the first time we will have two major actors in his filmography together in a Scorsese film, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio. The heroes of these famous films of the director such as taxi driver also wolf of wall street, Which has already been agreed upon This boy’s lifeThey will come together in this film in which they will play cattle businessman William Hill and an Osage member Ernest Burckhardtrespectively.

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They will be joined by other actors such as Brendan Fraser, Jesse Plemons – who will play Tom White, the agent in charge of the investigation – and above all. Lily Gladstone, responsible for giving life to Molly Burkhart, the mother of the Osage family most affected by the wave of disappearances and murders. Gladstone has gone from being an actress almost unknown to the general public to leading almost all the groups for the upcoming Academy Awards and other acting awards. Moon killers It will be released in theaters on September 20, and will later be released on Apple TV+.

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