The Cummins plant in the UK will install the solar panels

Cummins announced that more than 20 million pounds ($24.7 million) had been invested in the plant.

the plant cumin in huddersfield, Located in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, You will invest £800,000 ($991,000) to install solar panels.

The above was announced by Cummins executives during a visit by English politicians to the Huddersfield facilities, where they also reported on recent investments and their ambitions in the Reducing emissions.

The delegation of officials was headed by A Tracey Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire, Who recognized Cummins’ efforts in applying green technologies.

“I loved visiting and seeing the new Cummins location Great and innovative work “We are doing everything we can to develop green technologies in West Yorkshire and around the world,” said Tracey Brabin.

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Investments worth $24.7 million

Cummins announced this More than £20 million ($24.7 million) has been invested in the plant. These investments are reflected in production processes that are becoming increasingly more environmentally friendly.

Politicians toured the recently renovated venues turbocharger factory, Renovated R&D center and offices; They also visited the newly installed electric vehicle charging points.

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All of these areas of the site have been developed to help Reducing the carbon footprint of facilities.

It is worth noting that the cumin plant in Huddersfield has been in business for over 70 years; It is also one of the city’s largest employers. The site designs, develops, produces and renews Turbochargers Which are used around the world in vehicles and machinery such as buses, trucks and construction equipment.

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