The Montenegrin origin of the inventor of basketball, after whom the World Cup is named

Today, Sunday, the Spanish national team will play in order to reserve a place in the quarter-finals of the World Cup against Canada, the country of origin of the inventor of this sport. The current champion faces off in a decisive match against the compatriots of James Naismith, who created the game in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891 so that young YMCA students could play the sport on rainy days. He had to adapt his idea after the first meeting Because it ended in a fierce battle. With its thirteen rules, it gave rise to basketball, the game in which a football must be moved until it is placed in a 3-meter-high basket of peaches. Spain faces Canada at 3:30 p.m. In a match that can be watched on La 1.

Naismith was a Canadian from the town of V Strong Andalusian name, Almonte. Although Spanish names in the toponymy of the United States abound throughout its map, and among the Spanish and other institutions that have distributed European city names for each new enclave, the names of the Iberian Peninsula in Canada are more sparse. The Spanish made exploratory voyages through this northern region of the North American continent, but they barely left their mark.

The inventor of basketball is of Almonte origin, from the Canadian region of Almonte, located in the province of Ontario. A city named after a Mexican general of Huelva origin that brought under control the interests of the United States, then in the mid-19th century, the state that threatened the stability of Canada.

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Two decades after its founding Almonte from Ontario was born James Naismith, Son of Scottish immigrants. As he gained experience as a sports teacher, he invented the game of basketball, which became popular in the United States within a few years. Since its birth as a sport in which participants struggle to get the ball firmly, it has become a sport in which contact is penalized.

Canada claims the character of this man from Almont, a brilliant citizen who died in 1939, some 40 years after inventing the sport that gave him fame but not money. In Hitler’s Berlin, in 1936, the first Olympic basketball tournament was held, one of the sports with the largest number of followers and spectators and similar to football in our eyes.

By the way Almonte, Ontario is an idyllic village It is used by films and television films as a Christmas setting due to the rural nature of its streets.

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