The years you should spend with your boyfriend according to scientific studies

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Age is the deciding factor in the durability of pairs

Will my relationship work if I stay with my partner for many years? What if the woman is older than the man? What if they were born in the same year? If you ask yourself these questions, don’t worry: Science offers answers to them all.


Firstly, Love whoever you want. If there is a mutual feeling and willingness on both sides, love will always triumph and avoid any barrier imposed on it. Don’t stop asking that boy or girl you like even if the age difference is not advisable if you feel something nice.

Experts recommend a short lifespan

Couples consisting of two people of the same age are more likely to last a lifetime

Psychologist and sexologist Sylvia Sanz confirmed in statements to ABC that we should not adhere to the theory that a large age difference reduces the chances of a couple continuing. However, these others can easily be added. Social factors fatal to relationship stability.

However, science backs up what studies say about the maximum age. Which is that Emory University, Atlantaconclude what is the ideal difference: One to two years.

Lara Ferrero, author Addicted to assholethe aforementioned mediator tells that couples who adapt to the difference indicated by the study have it Much more expensive to continue to the end. If we go to large age groups, the probability of failure is high: About half if they have been around for more than ten years, and practically all when they are more than two decades old.

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Explaining the relationships between older men and young women

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Twenty one

Another striking aspect is men who are persistently looking for partners who are much younger than them. Leonardo DiCaprio has always had partners under 25 years old (And they never go away.) In Spain we have a case Glorious risotto. Ferrero points out MedorexiaThat is, fear of aging as a reason for men who divorced a woman their age.

In the case of women who agree to date older men, the expert points out Lack of a father figure As a possible cause. He confirms that it is usually the girl who ends the relationship. Another point not made by any of these psychologists but which is undeniably influential is the heredity of the elderly or sick.

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