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The Science Festival continues until October 8, and includes free, family-friendly displays such as: a giant humpback whale and a dinosaur wandering around the city, and a drone display that can be seen at an altitude of 1,500 metres.

Sunday, October 1, 2023 2:13 pm

More than 100 people came to Quinta Normal Park for the event Launching the science festival billboardan event organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation (MinCiencia) and which bears its logo, is in its fifth edition “Discover the science within you.”

The ultimate national science and knowledge event invites girls, boys, youth and adults of all ages to participate for a whole week in hundreds of free, family-friendly activities in more than 60 communities across the country, so that they discover the science that surrounds them and the knowledge they possess. In total, they will be More than 200 activities in 16 regions.

Minister of this portfolio aisen echevery, Highlight that: “Science is present in everyday life. You don’t have to study science to be a little scientific, what is necessary is to be curious and ask questions, and when we maintain that curiosity over time, what we have is more empowered citizens and people who are actors and heroes in their lives and “They can develop that critical thinking that is so important.”

Regarding the festival, Echeverry confirmed that it is “Unique activities aimed to keep people entertained, but also to keep that curiosity alive.” “This makes us ask questions, question things, and try to better understand how the world works, which are characteristics that not only scientists need, but everyone needs.”

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The Minister also called “all children and adolescents, not just teenagers, and all those interested in doing different activities, taking advantage of public space, and marveling at science, which… Visit and check out the billboard with over 200 activities because I’m sure everyone will find something to motivate them.

Starting today, Sunday, until next Sunday, corresponding to the 8th of this month, all regions of the country will hold free and family shows, including: A giant humpback whale and a tyrannosaurus roam the city, a drone show that can be seen at an altitude of 1,500 metres, visits to mobile planetariums of several municipalities, astronomical observations with portable telescopes, stands for publishing various scientific topics, visual arts workshops, plays, music, poetry, immersive reality and sculptures. giant dolls, Among other activities.

“In this new edition of the Science Festival, we wanted to highlight and save the knowledge in each region. This is why, for the first time, we are present in all regions of Chile. Most importantly, each region designed its content, collected its activities, and created its own billboard. Arika develops knowledge and science different from Molly and different from Aisin, and this is our greatest wealth. This diversity is the reason for celebrating this public and free national festival that we call every year from the Ministry.

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