The Ministry of Science awarded the “Angela Restrepo” award to the best researchers in the country

Institutions, scientists and academics who have dedicated their lives and professional careers to scientific research and the advancement of science in Colombia have been awarded the Angela Restrepo Prize.

The ceremony, led by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, awarded 139 awards to researchers previously selected to receive this token of appreciation for their essential contribution to the advancement of science in Colombia.

Nubia Muñoz Calero and Juan Manuel Anaya received one of tonight’s most important awards, for Best National Researcher and Scholar, both authorities within the scientific and academic community around the world for their contributions to knowledge and science.

On behalf of all the honorary researchers, Dr. Adela Molina Andrade, of the Francisco José de Caldas University, received the award, who said: “For us men and women who have dedicated our lives to advancing science, having this distinction motivates us to keep working hard until we find New generations have the way to contribute to the growth of society.”

National scientific publications that have also contributed to the dissemination of science were also honored. Social Studies, International Columbia, Critical History, Political Analysis, Profile Journal, Colombian Literature Studies and Quebes Journal for their contribution to the writing and dissemination of new scientific knowledge.

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On the part of the organizations that made scientific alliances that contributed to solving various social, educational and productive problems in the country and that are taxed in the fields of life sciences, health, sustainable energy, biotechnology and bio-economics, the environment, social sciences and human development were awarded with equity: Nanobiocancer, GAT Cancer, Energy 2030 and SÉNECA, ÓMICAS, and EFI.

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Among the other categories awarded at the ceremony was the Best Researchers Award by thematic focus of the Message of the Sages, whose work was highlighted by being part of a selection of the top one hundred thousand scholars worldwide. The shortlists were: Fabio Augusto Gonzalez, Gonzalo Jair Diaz, Fleming Martinez Rodriguez, Patricio Lopez Jaramillo, Ruby Mejia de Gutierrez, Marta Lozada Falk, Luis Felipe Silva Oliveira and Juan Camilo Cardenas Campo.

Finally, Minciencias launched the popular digital magazine Quarks, which in addition to presenting the various achievements of the Ministry of Science during this period, will also feature stories about science, technology and innovation.

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