The makers of Diablo IV say there is no secret cow level, and users refuse to accept it

They decided to organize themselves to try to find clues about this supposed level of cows.

Diablo IV is undoubtedly one of the greatest games of 2023.

Diablo IV was without a doubt one of the great releases of 2023, and it ended up being one of the best games in history, and one of the most iconic champions of the genre. This is an even more significant achievement given the problems with this franchise, and that is that Diablo 3 and Diablo Immortal ended up being huge disappointments For fans of the saga for various reasons. And to the delight of fans, Blizzard knew how to see these weak moments as opportunities to learn from their mistakes, thanks to which we received an exceptional fourth installment.

If there’s something about this franchise that everyone remembers when they mention the Diablo saga, it’s It is the recognized level for cowswhich is usually in all of the franchise’s games, which turns out to be a hard-to-find Easter egg, but in the end it’s a huge bonus to fans’ curiosity.

So, it turned out to be, in a sense, a disappointment that Rod Ferguson, one of the game’s co-producers, confirmed in an interview with Kinda Funny. There is no level of cows in this batchat the same time as I explained that they wanted to stay “with their feet on the ground,” so there seemed to be no alternative either.

However, as stated by dementia gameAnd There are a large number of users who do not believe Ferguson’s wordsand have been looking for any clues about this level of cows since the game was launched.

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Some users decided to find it

Like we said, there is Quite a few users who are very persistently searching for this supposed level of cows, even creating Discord servers entirely dedicated to collecting in-game clues. Of course, it is possible that he was right, and Rod Ferguson would have made the mistake, but we cannot say that he is 100% right.

For now, we will simply have to wait and see if this group of users makes any progress in this regard, although it is most likely not present within the game.

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