An American influencer was enamored with Argentinian products and went viral: “Very interesting”

There is no doubt that customs or things from some countries can cause a stir on social networks. That is why An American singer who calls herself “Arjengringa” decided to share her list of the hottest things she found in her Argentina.

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Sarah Lenore, an influencer from the United States, was responsible for publishing the list of viral things. through your account Tik TokAnd The artist dedicates herself daily to uploading videos related to Argentine culture.

However, the thing that has made her known is her favorite things to do in the country. Argentina is very interesting.titled the video in which she began with an empanada that she rated “the best in the world” and continued to touch with dogs at the entrance door of some businesses due to You have to “ask the puppies for permission to enter”.

And if that wasn’t enoughThe netizen said it caught her attention that they write her name when they go for a coffee and that they keep selling matchboxes. As expected, he admitted that he was speechless when he discovered that there were some barbeque-flavored snacks, which only happen in Argentina.

Users reacting to the American influencer’s video are intrigued by the Argentinian products

As expected, the post made by the singer-songwriter was very popular on the Chinese video platform. And in a matter of hours, the number of “likes” exceeded a thousand “likes” and received a large number of comments from netizens on the well-known social network.

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“Here we love dogs and BBQs,” “Your finds are so funny,” “Those matches are classics” And “I became Argentine”were some of the many reactions that figured in the American artist’s original video.

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