The long wait for Annie, the cat who searched for a family for two years and no one wanted her because of her illness

The cat receives constant medical treatment that prevents seizures and self-harm (Facebook Dutchess County SPCA)

Annie is a cat With black and kinky fur Seizure disorder She found a new home after staying in a shelter New York For more than two years. The affectionate cat overcame many obstacles to find her perfect home, and despite her condition, someone became interested in her and her story.

the Animal Protection Society County SPCA Dutch in New YorkThe United States explained in a post on his account Facebook The cat arrived at their facility after its previous owner was unable to care for it due to dementia.

that I He was at the shelter from June 2021 to September of this year. In the first weeks after arrival, shelter staff realized that the animal was suffering from health problems.

It took a long time for the animal to find a family, as people preferred a healthy cat (Facebook Dutchess County SPCA)

After eight months of studies and observations, a conclusion was reached The medical team diagnosed Annie with cat hypersensitivityIt is a rare disorder that causes seizures in some cats. An animal can be fine one moment, and the next moment turn around and bite its own tail until it is damaged.

“It took us some time to figure out what the problem was and how to treat it. We knew he wasn’t being well taken care of because of his owner’s illness,” he commented. Lynn MilocaroExecutive Director of SPCA in Dutch In an interview for the magazine the people.

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Melokaru He pointed out that when the cat arrived, its tail was severely damaged, and that during its seizures they could not touch it or calm it down, because it could not control its disturbed behavior. “It’s heartbreaking because I was like that Clearly terrified “When these attacks happen,” the shelter director explained how difficult it is to witness this type of event.

he animal She receives anti-seizure medications which have helped her greatly during this time. Treatment is lifelong, which is why many people choose not to go through the adoption process.

“People ask: Why should I consider a cat a cat? that I When there are other cats available without any problem. For this reason, many shelters do not allow them. that I “He will stay with them for a long time,” he commented. Lynn Milocaro About the rejection that animals suffering from this type of condition receive.

ReneA person with epilepsy and managing his health condition sympathized with the cat’s story and decided to adopt her, as he considered that a health condition does not define an organism and that it is capable of giving a full life to its next pet.

The cat adapts to her new lifestyle (Facebook Dutchess County SPCA)

the The cat got a new name Once it arrived at Rene’s house and is now called Tapenade. In recent days, the cat is learning to adapt to her new lifestyle and although she was a little shy, her owner hopes that she will feel comfortable as soon as possible.

“Focal seizures are part of my daily life, so when I heard that Tapenade “He had to suffer, it was heartbreaking,” the pet’s owner shared how she felt when she learned of the pet’s story.

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Renee explained that if this kind of situation was too difficult for anyone, she didn’t want to imagine what a sentient being would be like for her new experiences with pets, which is why she was committed to ensuring that her life partner didn’t suffer from it. situation again. .

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