Sony may have been hacked, with the PlayStation being one of those devices that was hacked

The ransomware group is threatening to release thousands of data if its theft is not procured by September 28.

Sony could have been seriously attacked

The Ransomware group claims to have successfully attacked SonyThreatening to sell a series of stolen data from the Japanese company, including… PlayStation data. despite of VGC The information has reportedly not been verified, and Cyber ​​Security Connect notes that this group has accumulated a large number of victims since its arrival last month.

We have successfully hacked all Sony systems“, says the group that He puts the leaked data up for sale as Sony refused to pay the ransom. For its part, Cyber ​​Security Connect explains that the group published some penetration testing data, although it is not entirely convincing to prove that it has been hacked.All Sony systems

The PlayStation Network was subjected to a serious attack in 2011, when the personal data of about 77 million accounts was hacked. next to, The service has been down for 23 daysWhich cost Sony more than $100 million and forced it to apologize to affected players and developers, as launches had to be delayed and online gaming services were crippled.

What could be wrong with the PlayStation leak?

If the information is correct The hackers will publish the data on September 28 if no one has purchased it before. In total, I captured a screenshot of an internal login page, an internal PowerPoint presentation, several Java files, and a file tree from the leak that apparently includes fewer than 6,000 files.

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Let’s remember the serious leaks, apart from the constant information about GTA VI, it is difficult to remember what happened in September last year when the networks were filled with hundreds of photos and gameplay of the game’s development state. Half-Life 2 or Fallout 4 were other high-profile leaks, while Sony has not commented on the art and gameplay of Guerrilla Games’ Horizon multiplayer.

Will this Sony hack be true and will there be user data compromised or leaks from any Sony subsidiary?

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