“30 Coins” the horror series returns for its second season

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Horror and mystery series 30 coins is back. In this new installment you will be able to discover What happened to Father Vergara?If he died with his enemy Cardinal Santoro and where Tormented souls are hidden.

A new and terrifying enemy

According to Official summaryMost The people of Pedraza have lost their mindslimited to A Psychiatric hospital. While Elena (Megan Montaner) He lies in bed From a Madrid hospital while she is in a coma, Paco (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) tries to take care of her, though. He was devastated by remorse.

while, Horror grows around him And heroes 30 coins must be faced New enemy Who declares herself to be more deviant than Satan himself, even though he doesn’t exist yet News from Father Vergara.

About production 30 coins

he Cast string made of Edward Fernandezmegan montaner, Miguel Angel Silvestremacarena gomez, Pepon Nietocosimo fusco, Manolo Solonuria gonzalez, Javier BodalloJoining them is Manuel Talavi Paul Giamatti and Najwa Nimri.

Photo: Manolo Pavone/HBO Max

Spanish horror series 30 coins It was filmed in different locations Spain, Italy, the United States, France and the United Kingdom. I manage before Alex de la Iglesia (Fourth passenger2022) and co-written by him and by Jorge Guerrechevarria (Cell 2112009).

When does season 2 come out? 30 coins?

the first episode From the second batch of 30 coins It will arrive on HBO Max Next October 23Then the remaining seven chapters They will be released every Monday. Not to be missed!

30 coins
Photo: Manolo Pavone/HBO Max

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