The picturesque Spanish city is home to the Spanish “La Pietra” and one of the most curious wineries in Spain

Church of Santa Maria, in Jumel de Izan, Burgos (Burgos Tourism).

Petra is considered one of the most impressive ancient monuments in the world. Announce Heritage of Humanity by UNESCOIts huge, historical and landscape complex is of inestimable value and many people come to Jordan to contemplate it. This has led to many comparing its effects in other parts of the planet to what is known as Petra TreasureThat impressive door carved into the rock you’ve definitely seen before.

This may seem bold, but some comparisons can be approved, not because of their heritage value, but because of their worth appearance. In fact, there is a town in Spain that has a monument that could be considered ‘Petra in Spain. We are talking about the magnificent Church of Santa Maria, located in the small town of Jomel de Izan, in Burgos, near Aranda del Duero. Next to the temple are the town houses many of Attractions that make it an ideal destination to spend the day. In fact, its historical status has been declared Historical artistic band In 2003.

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The Church of Santa Maria, popularly known as “La Pietra” in Spain, was built between the 16th and 18th centuries XIV-XVII centuries It is the most important monument in the city. The temple was built on top of another, older temple from the 13th century, of which the tower is still preserved. Thus, the result is a very eclectic but attractive collection at the same time. This can be seen in Different architectural styles Which it displays, including the late Gothic period and Baroque.

Church of Santa Maria, in Gumel de Ezan, Burgos (

The latter can be especially observed in Force interfaceIt is for him that this title was adopted. This was designed between the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century and was a work commissioned by Pedro Díaz Palacios and made as if it were an altarpiece. Turn May altar altarP is the main work of the church. In it you can see various icons that tell different stories. Thus, several episodes from the life of Jesus Christ are reviewed, while the center is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

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Regarding its design, the temple is divided into: Three ships Which includes various chapels, the most important of which is a church Virgin of the Rosary. It displays the remains of the disappeared Monastery of San Pedro, consisting of several capitals. The ruins of the monastery are also interesting. from her side, Al-Tahira Church It serves as a treasury and a museum. Likewise, two essential items remain in the church: the sarcophagus of Diego de Velázquez, a key figure in the founding of Calatrava’s order, and Organ of the 18th century.

Behind the Church of Santa Maria, Jumel de Izan has a very charming old town. Its streets lead to such special places Main squareWhere you can see some typical buildings of the region, some of which have porticoes. Moreover, it is the place where the city of “Petra” is located in Spain. Another stop during the visit is the various silos it includes, e.g Hermitage of Santo Cristo dei Revicirelating to the Romanesque in the Esquiva Valley, or the hermitage of the Virgen del Río.

Portia Winery, in Jumel de Izan, Burgos (Burgos Tourism).

Roman influence can also be seen through the hands Two bridges Which city includes: San Pedro and San Antonio. They were both part of Old Colonia-Astorica road. Of course, on the banks of the Duero River there can be no shortage of goodness came. Thus, the city has several underground wineries, the origin of which dates back to the Middle Ages. At the same time, highlights Portia WineryIt is one of the most impressive areas in the region thanks to its architecture, which is characterized by the presence of… Triple star.

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from BurgosThe journey takes about 45 minutes on the A-1 motorway. On her part since Valladolid Estimated journey time is 1 hour and 20 minutes on the A-11 and N-122.

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