The exercise of revocation of the mandate cost 3830.4 million pesos

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Yesterday, the chief counsel Lorenzo Cordova Vianello Appeared in the plenary of Parliament. During the appearance, which lasted more than six hours, the Speaker of the House of Representatives announced National Electoral Institute (INE) It addressed various issues, including the budget for the upcoming elections Revocation of the mandate.

“A second clause relating to the contingency budget necessary for the final realization of the practices of participatory democracy and popular consultation and the abolition of the mandate provided for in Article 35 of the Constitution and consistent with the organization of the National Election Institute at the federal level,” Cordova Monument

The official indicated that thinking about this budget came as a result of a decision that Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) taken, which confirm that they should consider the possibility of carrying out democratic exercises of this kind. In addition, Cordova emphasized that The budget that will be necessary to carry out operations of this type will be 5,743.5 million by 2022.

Mention that official From 5,743.5 million of the budget 1913.1 million pesos corresponds to a potential popular consultation that can still be promoted Whether by the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Federal Executive, or the public. In addition to, The remaining amount of 3830.4 million pesos will be used to exercise the cancellation of the mandate If it is voted on by 3% of the electoral list.

“The procedure for delegating is comparable to organizing a federal election from start to finish, and therefore, budget requirements are high,” The official

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To be able to carry out this exercise, the Foundation has stipulated that it is necessary to have a minimum support of 3 percent of people registered in Nominal list of voters, in total 2 million 758 thousand 227 Mexican men and women belong to 17 entities.

If the minimum requirements are met to be able to conduct the electoral process, Citizens can go to the polls on March 27, 2022 to exercise their right to vote.

Although it is not known if the consultation will achieve 3% of the signatures needed to conduct democratic practice, The head of the institute confirmed that preparations have already begun, Designing the ballot, defining calendars and timetables, planning tasks for electoral training and organizing are some of the tasks that have been carried out in recent months.

The ballot paper that will be used to revoke the mandate (Photo: INE)
The ballot paper that will be used to revoke the mandate (Photo: INE)

Similarly, Cordova emphasized it in the same way The allocation of resources has already begun, with a total of 117 million pesos to be allocated from the 2021 budget In the event of this election process.

“It is wrong for the National Elections Institute to intend to prevent the exercise of participatory democracy, but, on the contrary, to demand sufficient resources to implement it in a professional and serious manner reflects the Institute’s commitment to its constitutional obligations and to the citizens,” The official explained

The official made this clear as a final point in his speech on consultations on canceling the mandate In the event that this is not carried out, the entire amount requested will be returned to the Union Treasury For use in other public spending priorities.

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