The evolution of the Flip, Galaxy’s most compact and versatile device

Galaxy Z Flip5 attracts attention with its new Flex Window external display that is now 3.4 inches in size (3.78 times larger than the previous generation) and offers a wide range of new features. Trends reviews Samsung’s iconic model history.

The 2023 version has more customization options, including clocks with information and graphics. In addition, the Flipsuit case provides device protection with an interchangeable NFC tag, so users can mix and match Flex Window and case designs for even more customization options.

The external display enables many new functions.

In 2020, the Galaxy Z Flip was the first foldable phone with a foldable glass screen. Opening the device revealed a 6.7-inch screen, while its sleek and compact design was small enough to easily fit in the palm of a user’s hand, with a screen ratio of (21:9:9) similar to movie screens. In this model, Samsung changed user interaction by introducing the Hideaway Hinge. Just like a laptop, the hinge allows you to open and position the phone at any angle. Flex mode has been added, which automatically divides the screen into two parts when the device is folded, for example, in the camera app, users can preview the viewfinder at the top while adjusting the camera or lens modes at the bottom bottom.

In 2021, the Galaxy Z Flip3 upgrades the series’ design and performance. One of the most notable improvements was the enlargement of the screen, four times larger than its predecessor. In addition to its traditional function of displaying the time and date, the device’s cover screen has been enlarged for photography and productivity.

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Not only does the Z Flip3 fit almost anywhere, but it also offers increased durability and water resistance. The exterior is made of Armor Aluminium, the most resistant material used in Galaxy devices to date, and Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, to protect smartphones in any situation. Putting a new protective layer on the main screen has improved durability by 80% compared to the previous generation.

In 2022, Samsung launches the Galaxy Z Flip4, adding practical features that fit into the daily routine of life. For example, users could enjoy the Flex2 mode panel, which would open a touchpad supporting a series of gestures at the bottom of the screen. Similar to a computer mouse cursor, users can control various elements with a simple swipe: pause, rewind or play videos without lifting the device. In terms of photography to capture the starry night sky, users have been able to try the night mode to take pictures even in the dark.

It is possible to take a selfie using the main camera system.
It is possible to take a selfie using the main camera system.

With this year’s release came the Flex Window, which offers the most versatile camera experience in a foldable phone. To take a selfie with the rear camera, users can check a smile on the external screen before taking their photo, hands-free creative angles or color and tone correction. Also, the camera’s superior stabilization feature makes it easy for users to capture smooth images on the go.

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