The Epic Games Store confirmed Relicta as their free game this weekend

Relicta, a free first-person puzzle game on Epic Games

As it has since 2019, the store Epic Games Store It continues to give thousands of copies of video games to all those who have downloaded their digital platform. According to statistics from the very Tim Sweeney (CEO of Epic Games and creator Unreal Engine), Space has already offered a total of 255 games for free since the initiative was launched. After the end of 2021 give up the trilogy Tomb rider (From the 2013 reboot), the platform was implemented in January in The Gods Will Fall (Smart Beans) and the Galactic Civilizations 3 (Stardock). Now it’s your turn abandoneda game released in August 2020 by the independent developer great polygon.

abandoned Build a world of puzzles in the first person where the protagonist Angie Battle He is a scientist trapped in Chandra, a private tycoon of technological innovation located on the moon and has crashed. While figuring out how to escape puzzles involving the use of gravity and magnetism, Angie discovers that there is a hidden political conspiracy that has led to the destruction of space. But this discovery can cost dearly and players will have to decide how to solve the mess he accidentally got himself into. With mechanics similar to those of outlet (valve) o Talos principle (Croteam), Scenarios and Challenges abandoned They provide a very nice upgrade to the puzzles that play with the laws of physics in sci-fi settings.

The game combines several elements that make it a good option to try during the weekend. Added to the mechanisms backed by gravity and magnetism are the complexity of puzzles that will test the player’s skills and detailed environments that, depending on how the game is viewed, allow each situation to present a new challenge. All accompanied by a story that invites you to discover different clues and a soundtrack intended to be immersive to enhance the elements of “psychological science fiction thriller”.

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So, Epic game store He makes good on his weekend commitment and invites everyone to download for free a title that the general public hasn’t noticed, but whose overall score points to a hidden treasure. Next weekend, store advance that will be available DAEMON X . machine (XSEED Games), the indie game 2020 adds mecha battles that will strike the nostalgia of players macross.

How to get free games from EPIC Store?

Epic Games Store (Photo: captura)

Beyond situations that warn of propaganda interest Tim Sweeney When it comes to giving away titles, no one can deny it The user still has a great advantage Free games every weekend. Be a part of the program epic shopThe operation is easy:

1. Create a user in official site From Epic game store.

2. Download the digital platform at desktop.

3. every Thursday, Epic will be rolling out the free title at the front of its digital store.

4. User You must request an address exchange By clicking on her picture.

5. The title will be automatically available in your personal library. Even if you don’t download it right away, The user will be able to get the video game whenever he wants.

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