The effect of outsourcing on the economy

One of the most important business issues discussed today in Mexico is the regulation of outsourcing, a business plan that has gained importance in recent years and requires comprehensive analysis.

Currently, subcontracting is a legal form of contracting in Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Canada, however, legal frameworks differ according to the country or region in the world.

Faced with this scenario, Forbes Mexico Displays Forum: Impact of Outsourcing on the Economy, An event that brings together representatives of international organizations, business leaders, opinion leaders and representatives of multilateral organizations, to analyze the importance of subcontracting and its effects on working conditions and social security for workers, as well as the economic impacts and social issues that your demise could be.

The event will be broadcast on channels Youtube s The social networking site Facebook From Forbes Mexico starting at 9:00 AM this Tuesday, February 9th and consists of 4 committees in which they participate:

Panel 1

The economic and social impact of outsourcing

Jose Medina Mora, President of Coparmex

Miguel Perez Garcia, President of the World Federation of Latin American Employment (WEC)

Moderator: Elias Micha, CEO of TallentiaMx

Panel 2

Subcontracting and T-MEC

Larry D. Robin, President of the American Society

Enrique Zorella Volondo, President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Moderator: Kenneth Smith, Former Head of Technical Negotiations at T-MEC

Panel 3

The importance of outsourcing in attracting investment

Lorenzo Vianello, President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico

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Germán Pineda Gutiérrez, Chair of the Human Resources Committee at the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico

Retreat. Patricia Terrazas, Chair of the House Finance Committee

Enoc Castellanos, President of CANACINTRA

Alejandro Salafranca Vásquez, Head of the Generous Work Unit, Ministry of Labor

Luis Miguel Gonzalez, General Editor of El Economista

Panel 4

Outsourcing in Latin America

Julio Reyes, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Guatemalan Chamber of Commerce and Services

Ricardo Aleman, President of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce – Panama (CAMEXPA)

Amapola Grijalva Vega, CEO of the China Chamber of Commerce and Technology

Moderator: Mario Maldonado, journalist for El Universal

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