Places that pay more money per hour for Colombians

The United States is one of the most popular destinations for Colombians who want to immigrate And for this reason, with recent information indicating that there is work in different areas, many have thought about looking for it.

Although it turns out that even a person who works as a “host” earns more money than a professional in the country, it should be clarified that payments in all states of this country are not the same.

US law allows each region to set a minimum wage that is no less than the federal minimum. In 2022, the minimum wage was $7.25 an houralthough there are many places where the East is superior and far away.

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In many places in the United States, people can work by the hour, which is why they are looking for two or even three jobs to go from Sunday to Sunday. To make this effort more effective, we tell you which countries have the best minimum hourly wages in order.

according to Ranking published by the BBCthe District of Columbia has the best minimum hourly wage. They pay there at least $15.20 an hour.Figures they say come from the US Department of Labor.

Here is the list of the top 10 countries with the best salary:

condition Minimum hourly wage
Capital 15.20 dollars
Washington USD 14.49
Massachusetts USD 14.25
California 14 dollars
New York $13.20
New Jersey 13 dollars
Arizona 12.80 USD
who USD 12.75
Oregon USD 12.75
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California, one of the dream destinations of many people who are looking for other life options, It was announced that from 2023 the minimum hourly wage will be 15.50 per hourTo become the country that offers the best wages to workers.

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Foreign companies constantly have their eyes on Colombian employees. Some do it to work remotely and although they don’t get paid the same there, Those who manage to stay in one of these jobs get good financial pay.

There are other organizations that want to take Colombian professionals to perform various tasks. They recently published other offers in which they paid up to 12 million pesos to a person who wanted to move to the United States.

Various offers to work in that country have been constantly announced and the reason is that In recent months there has been a significant emigration of the previously employed immigrant population in that country. The latest figures showed that out of 10 million vacancies, companies were able to fill nearly six million.

for this reason, Job opportunities in the United States They keep appearing, but to apply, you must have the papers in order, which is why the embassy recently issued announcements for those who want to renew this document.

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