The disclosure of the messages of the Argentine twins who jumped from the balcony – news

In the past few hours, extracts of letters have been extracted from Argentine twins, 12 years old Who threw themselves from the third floor in a city Barcelona Because they suffered bullying In which you can read why they made the drastic decision.

It was also published by the newspaper Country to SpainTeenagers wrote that they were bullied because of their Argentine accent, but who else suffered bullying? bullying Alana’s gender identity was: “I feel misunderstood,” hHe would say, who cut his hair and wanted to be called Ivan.

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Regarding Laila, the minor who survived, her letter stated that she would “accompany” her sister and that she was acting “in solidarity”.

“I’m so tired of being bullied at school, I can’t stand it. I want to be happy, but I’m obviously going to suffer from this for the rest of my life and I’ve made the decision not to continue.”it was possible to write ego.

As Laila said: “Sorry everyone, you know how much I love my sister, you’ve all seen bullying She suffers, I will do as she decides. I will accompany her wherever she wants.”.

As the days go by, and although more information has emerged about the case and despite accusations between the school and relatives, the cause is still under investigation.

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The twins’ grandfather, Gustavo Lima, spoke to some media from Ezeiza airport where the plane that will take him to Spain to reunite with his family will take off and confirmed that despite Laila’s serious injuries and critical condition, “slight improvement” and there is a possibility that they can wake her up during the day.

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The minor suffered fractures to her arms, her jaw, and part of her head, and her organs were damaged.

“They couldn’t move her the day before because they were scared, and her lung was taken very badly. Yesterday she got better and today they were trying to wake her up so they could do the recovery. She has a broken jaw. Which is the first thing they want to treat.”

In addition, Lima expressed her pain for her granddaughter Alana’s suffering because of the decision she made after being bullied, which worsened when she decided to make amends. gender identity:”This is where it all flared up the most, as she cut her hair short and dressed as a man. It is seen as a crime not only there in Spain, everywhere “.

The family confirms that they have spoken with the school authorities about repeated incidents of harassment, but they have not been heard, while the school indicated that they “do not have an open file” on this matter but that they both received assistance from the psychological cabinet.

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