Today Martín Guzmán will meet with Kristalina Georgieva: changes in the program and how the agenda between Argentina and the IMF will continue

Martín Guzmán and Kristalina Georgieva at a G20 meeting in the capital

From Washington, USA – Minister of Economy Martin Guzman We will meet This appeared with Kristalina Georgiev, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. This will be the most important meeting on the full agenda he has completed in this city, as he arrived on Tuesday to participate in the Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the G-20 meetings and with business people.

Although both coincided in the plates of the G-20, It will be a bilateral meeting focusing on changes to the agreement signed just a few weeks ago, which Guzmán and his officials already work with the fund’s technical teams. This is the first time that the two sides have met in person since the two sides reached an understanding at the end of March.

Sergio Chodos, Argentine director in front of the International Monetary Fund and Guzmán, yesterday on the sidewalk of the Fund's Central Building, on 19th Street, Washington.
Sergio Chodos, Argentine director in front of the International Monetary Fund and Guzmán, yesterday on the sidewalk of the Fund’s Central Building, on 19th Street, Washington.

“Everything is done under the umbrella of recalibration and with reduced inflation and deficits as a hub. And look at the second half of the year. The first review is good and arguably the second too. After… After, what matters next,” joked, Tango, official source. The truth is that technical teams from both parties worked this week, mostly using the local embassy in Dupont Circle as a base, besides what they were doing almost daily.

At this time, Guzmán spoke about inflation at the G-20 meetings, but always from a domestic context. The person who referred to the Argentine prices is Georgieva, and without half-measures. “The biggest danger is inflation”He warned the country at a virtual fund press conference.

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Recalculation and recalibration are the synonyms that the Fund uses to talk about changes to the program. This was worked on during the week and that’s what they’re both going to be talking about today. The person who officially mentioned the topic was Ramiro Tosi, Undersecretary of the Treasury, at the Goldman Sachs event, reported by Bloomberg. There I realize it “We will have to readjust and see the impact of this unexpected global shock on all aspects of the programme.” And that the most difficult will be the financial targets due to “the complexity of spending dynamics in Argentina”.

Pipeline and Duo

Yesterday, the Minister continued the G20 meetings and focused most of his time on technical meetings with the International Monetary Fund. was a conversation Julie CusackDirector of the Western Hemisphere Department and Head of the Argentine Mission.

Jorge Arguelo and the US National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere, Juan Gonzalez
Jorge Arguelo and the US National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere, Juan Gonzalez

The day began Thursday with an iftar with the finance ministers and heads of the central banks of the Group of Twenty countries and the International Monetary and Financial Affairs Committee headed by the First Vice President and Minister of Economy. Nadia Calvino.

Then he had bilateral relations where energy was one of the central axes with a duo from Italy, Daniel Franco At the US Department of Energy with the Deputy Secretary, David Turk; With the EU Commissioner, Paolo Gentiloni; With the Parliamentary Minister of State for the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Governor of Germany at the Islamic Development Bank, Nils whine; And with the President of the Open Society Foundation, Mark Malloch Brown.

“It would be beneficial for the country to work on a specific bill for the development of liquefied natural gas, which should be built with the support of the political forces in Congress” (Guzman)

We have had meetings that help us put together the strategy that the Argentine government is developing for the production of LNG. It would be beneficial for the country to work on a specific LNG development bill, which should be built with the support of political forces in Congress so that the rules of the game for the development of this activity are seen as more stable,” he said.

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Guzmán did not want to miss the opening of the Nestor Kirchner gas pipeline, which promises to bring gas from Vaca Muerta to the province of Buenos Aires next year. He participated virtually and said it was “the most important infrastructure project for Argentina in the coming times”.

“It’s something we are working on at the G20 meeting with economy ministers from around the world, and we’ve also done in our region. We are deepening the integration agenda with Brazil, which is fundamental to the development of the whole region“, claimed.

Malbec Day, yesterday at the Argentine Embassy in the United States
Malbec Day, yesterday at the Argentine Embassy in the United States

In addition to seeing Georgieva, Guzmán will have a private meeting with business people at the Atlantic Council in the morning. Yesterday he did not make it to the meeting in the US Business Council and was replaced by the Minister of Economic Policy. Fernando Mora and Tosi.

Came at the embassy

The minister was expected to visit the Argentine embassy, ​​where social activity has returned after two years of the pandemic, and celebrate Malbec Day, which was organized by the ambassador. Jorge Argello and Argentina wine.

There, the BCRA delegation was seen – consisting of George CarreraThe second vice president. German FeldmanDeputy Director General of Economic Research; s Norbert PaganiDirector of International Relations and Agreements for the Governor of Chaco Jorge Capenicthe Argentine representative in the Islamic Development Bank, William Franksamong other things.

He was a night visitor John Gonzalez US National Security Council Director for the Western Hemisphere who arrived with Gustavo Blaise, Minister of Strategic Affairs in the Argentine presidency, who met him. Gutierrez spoke with Ambassador Arguelo and praised the tango show.

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Meanwhile, Belize held a meeting at the State Department with John Kerryformer vice president Barack Obama And the current standard Joe Biden on climate issues. He also has meetings on the agenda with Michael Kaplanfrom the US Treasury, Mark WellsDeputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs at the State Department and with the U.S. National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan.

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