The former is exempt from the US visa for Colombians

For a few months, Ambassador, Luis Gilberto MurilloAnd He submitted a proposal to the United States government to study the abolition of the tourist visa for Colombian citizens. To move forward with the proposal, Murillo suggests starting to implement measures that facilitate the immigration process, such as visa abolition for frequent travelers and the implementation of pre-entry.

The ambassador is optimistic about the visa cancellation process. “We’re discussing that. The truth is we have some differences and we’re working through it. There’s a lot of openness on the part of the US government for us to discuss it,” Luis Gilberto said. In an interview with El Tiempo newspaper. He realizes that although it will be a long process, there are two goals that can be achieved in the short term.

Who will be the visa exceptions for the United States?

First, the requirement for citizens who travel frequently to the United States will be removed. “There are groups that have been coming to the United States for years, have never had any problem, have not stayed and do not want to. This group of people should really have an exception because it has been shown that they have no further intention than to come to this country and carry out their activities,” Murillo said. tourism and commercial.

In second place will be the opportunity to perform a virtual pre-entry. This will speed up the entry of citizens into the foreign country as they will no longer have to go to the window to answer questions and check their documents. Pre-screening is a tool already in use in other countries such as Canada.

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The progress of the proposal depends entirely on the Biden administration. In light of this, Luis Gilberto Murillo calls on Colombians who wish to travel infrequently to refrain from doing so. This may delay the visa removal process.

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