The defense presented a guide to the exercise as “Citizens Accountability”

Photo: Pablo Agnelli (file).

The Ministry of Defense presented for the first time a guide to joint international exercises for the Armed Forces, A tour for the participation of members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the three armed forces in their relationship with the forces of other countries, covering the period from 2004 to June 2023.

The Defense International Affairs Secretariat was responsible for preparing the exercise manual Combined in 234 pages with photos and “all the exact data for every exercise performed”Military Bag said in a statement.

The text indicated that the aim of the material is to produce a publication that serves as an “accountability to citizens” and also generates “valuable material for researchers from the academic sector or civil society” interested in the topic.

Joint exercises conducted with foreign armed forces and international observers from different countries “contribute in particular to the cooperative dimension of these guidelines”, this has been identified and it has been indicated that “their performance allows a comparative reference regarding levels of training and equipment. In principle, they serve and enhance Interoperability”.

The National Congress annually authorizes the departure of troops abroad or the entry into our territory of military forces from other countries as prescribed by the National Constitution.

Walter Diaz photo file
Photo: Walter Diaz (file).

So It was established from 2004, by Law No. 25880, through an annual plan of joint exercises that must be submitted each year to Parliament by the National Executive (PEN).

Planning for these exercises is based on the supreme guidelines of the President, Commander-in-Chief, and Minister of Defense, as contained in the latest National Defense Policy Directives (DPDN) and specific guidelines issued by the General Secretariat for International Defense Affairs.

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After a long analysis process by the technical fields of the ministries of defense, ministries of foreign affairs, international trade and worship, the various joint exercises were completed.

The guide has been published on the Ministry of Defense website.

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