Wrote over 500 prescriptions, took care of children and became a clinic manager in Lavalol: The story of Doctor Truchot who practiced illegally for at least 4 years

Carlos Alberto Morgoya

in his office in Medical Action Center Luzuriaga, located in Lavalol, Lomas de Zamora region, the presumptive doctor Carlos Alberto Morgoya He had a medical degree framed on his wall bearing the letterhead of the University of El Salvador. over there For at least 4 years he cared for patients, made diagnoses, and wrote over 500 prescriptions. According to him, his competencies are: He was neuroscience and pediatrics. But all that facade fell yesterday when Buenos Aires police officers arrested him at the door of his Moreno home for the crime of illegally practicing medicine.

When they arrested him, Morgoya was carrying a typical medical bag. Inside he carried cards where he presented himself as the “managing partner” of the clinic, stamps, and even a stethoscope. The pseudo-doctor was arrested by order of the public prosecutor Javier Martinez, UFI N ° 8 carrier from Lomas de Zamora. Morgoya was a fraud. He stole another health professional’s recording and lived that play from at least 2018 until yesterday, when he was arrested. Morgoya was not a doctor, and he did not even go to university all his life. He was a con man, he stole his nickname and also raped a license plate.

He made a good copy of the title and became the medical director of the clinic. We are investigating whether the authorities were aware of this situation or deceived them as well,” a source in the case described.

The seal used by the fake doctor
The seal used by the fake doctor

It all started in November 2019, when a woman, identified as Maria A., approached the Luzuriaga clinic because she needed medical clearance to later be at the Spanish Embassy. The fake doctor treated her. After obtaining the recipe, the woman submitted the paper to the European entity. But a few days later, a call surprised her. They informed him that according to their records, D registration number. Morgoya does not correspond to his number, but the registration number of Dr. Natalia S. They indicated that the permit was invalid.

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The woman, not knowing what to do, called the real doctor via LinkedIn and told her about the situation. Then, MariaBefore filing the complaint, he again requested an appointment with the supposed doctor Morgoya. This time it was accompanied. There, normal. She commented on the pain it was causing her and Morgoya wrote her prescription.

a) yes, Maria. speak with Natalia S. s The doctor told him. During those days, raids took place in the medical center and Morgoya was expelled from the institution. However, at the various times that justice takes over, the man has been released.

The cards he found on his belongings
The cards he found on his belongings

Last September, Attorney General Martinez acquired UFI No. 8, He reactivated the case and ordered the transfer of Murgia. After collecting information, investigators determined that the man continued to practice medicine in various clinics in the western suburbs. Now, he claimed to be a pediatrician, back, using a doctor’s license Natalia S.

What the situation shows is the lack of regulation and oversight in medical centers and medical schools. Now we are looking for the victims of Morgoya, because he prescribed medicines and cured childrenAn investigative source said.

Investigators found him at his home in Moreno. They arrested him there yesterday. The man was taken to a cell and summoned this morning to make his initial statement. Morgoya refused to speak He was detained pending the collection of other evidence against him.

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