The current Panama Sword Fence level cannot be hidden

There is no mention of the 2021 World Championships Short Swimming, to be held in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), from December 16 to 21, 2021, not mentioned in the country’s major periodicals, and Cocktail will offer some “tips” of what’s going on. The country’s most widely read newspaper asserts: “FIFA FEPAFUT, the Jamaica match on January 30, 2022 at Rommel Fernandez Stadium, will be played without an audience. These penalties were due to anti-gay chants by some fans. The fine was 50,000 Swiss francs ($54,300). US). The FIFA Appeal Committee, after analyzing the appeal submitted, confirmed the sanctions.

Going back to the 2021 XV Short Pool Swimming ‘CM’, let’s first look at some of the men’s results.

400 meters is free. The golden medal. (Australia), Felix Obock: 3:35.90. (Silver), (Lithuanian), Danas Rapsis: 3:36.23. (Bronze), (Switzerland), Antonio Djakovic 3:36.83. At 200 million tons. Butterfly pattern: golden gift

(Italy) Alberto Rozza, 1:49.06. (Silver) (Switzerland), Neue Ponte, 1:49.81. (Bronze) (South Africa), Chad Le Clos, 1:49.84. At 200 million tons. sum. GOLDEN PRESEA (Japan) Daya Seto, 1:51.15. (Silver) (US), Carson Foster, 1:51.35. (Bronze) (Italy), Alberto Rossetti, 1:51.54.

At 4 x 100m FREE PATTERN: (GOLDEN PRESEA) (USA): 3.:28.52. (Preliminary Silver “0”. (Bronze), Sweden) 3:28.80.

female results. In the 200m freestyle: (GOLDEN PRESEA) (HK) Siobhan Haughey 1: 50.31 (RM). (Silver) (Canada) Rebecca Smith 1:52.24. (Bronze) (USA), Madden page, 1:53.01.

In 400 meters compound style. (Gold Medal) (Canada) Tessa Siblocha, 4:25.55. (Silver), (Ireland), Eileen Walsh, 4:26.52. (Bronze) (USA) Millary, 4:26.63. At 4 x 100 million tons. Free style. (Golden) (USA) 3: 28.52. (SILVER9 ‘0’. Bronze. Sweden. 3.28.80. Tomorrow I will continue to achieve more results.

today’s subject. I don’t know if I made a mistake compared to what you indicated in the headline The current level of swordsmanship cannot be “hide”: the summary. This is reflected in the FIE 2020-2021 rating, which is why despite Anna Irene Delgado’s exceptional fencing credentials, it reminds me of this tune by Cuban Fernando Alvarez de. (Get off that cloud and come here to reality.) As an athlete, Anna Irene Delgado was the Children’s and Youth Champion at the Modern Pentathlon. the years 1995-1998; Sub-National Youth Champion and Senior Classes in Fencing. years 1997-2001; Bolivarian Division Games, Ecuador. 2001. Silver and Bronze Medals; XVIII “CA” and the Caribbean Games. Maracaibo, Venezuela. 1998; Sixth “JCA” Honduras. 1997. Silver and Bronze Medals. He received a large number of medals representing our country internationally. Participated in the “CM” fencing in Valencia, Venezuela; Natalia, Turkey; Gdansk, Poland.

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She was awarded a scholarship in several training camps, selected as a guest of the “FIE” for training camps in Havana, Cuba (1998), and Bucharest, Romania (2002). Participation in the modern pentathlon regional training camp USA. San Antonio, Texas, In 1997. Her last participation as part of the national fencing team was in “CM”, Budapest 2013 and “JB” in 2013. She currently supports national fencing and is passionate about sports in general. His father is “HD” HERNÁN DELGADO QUINTERO from CIRCUIT 8 -4 (DPC) DIP Alternative, Anna Irene Delgado (CD) Spent his childhood between town and his farm in Chibo Graduated from College of Las Esclavas del Sagrado Jesús with first place in 1999 Promise, Bachelor of Science and Arts.

He was awarded a MEDUCA scholarship in 1999 to continue his studies at the University of Santa Maria La Antigua Law School. He was granted fitness to practice law by the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama in 2004.

He also studied at “U” Georgetown in Washington “USA”, “U” at Stanford in California, and “U” in “NY”. Anna Irene decided to go to New York, inspired by the former president, Guillermo Indara, who studied law there, and whoever the founder of the company was: Solís, Indara, Delgado and Guevara, whom Irene serves as a partner today. While studying for two majors, Anna Irene worked at Emporio Radio Ancón, Fabulosa Esterio, Tropi Q and Super Estación (Power 94).

Anna Irene was the youngest Ambassador of Panama to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. She was hired and presented her credentials at the age of 28. In addition, Anna Irene was the first female ambassador of Panama to the Republic of Ireland, and the ambassador of Panama to Iceland. He also held the highest maritime responsibility a Panamanian citizen could have, as the Permanent Representative of Panama to the International Maritime Organization and elected “Vice President” of its assembly.

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Anna Irene as ambassador and senior athlete, welcomed the Panama Olympic team at ‘JO’ in London 2012.

On November 27, 2021, FIE reported, in a press release, that Alisher Usmanov, of Russia, had been re-elected by applause from the FIE President in Congress in Lausanne, Switzerland. He was a sable athlete. He was elected president in 2008. Prior to that, he was president of the Russian Federation and the European Fencing Federation. In Usmanov’s re-election, he was the only representative from Latin America nominated, receiving the support of 96 of 155 national fencing federations. And of course, the Panama club, where nepotism reigns, “is headed by Sol Amiglio de Dorate, together with the presidents, coaches and athletes of the fencing clubs of Las Margaritas (Chippo), La Correira, Cocle and Balboa Fencing Club Serrano Club of the capital. “The win is the” Vice President ” FIE is a great opportunity to showcase Panama and its fence at the international level. (I think in name only) What we want is to promote sport in Panama and Latin America through this situation.”

Better days for sports. “However, these efforts have encountered some setbacks along the way, with an initiative by which they intend to better support investment in sports.” I am somewhat disappointed by the position of some ministries and the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF). They did not want to discuss the project that I presented, which seeks to create incentives to invest in sports, and today is stagnant. Panama has neither high performance centers nor high level conditioning centers. The private company lacks incentives to invest in sports, Delgado said. With regard to the administration being implemented to create the “General Sports Law”, the athlete and his former deputy assert that if this initiative is only aimed at creating a Ministry of Sports, it does not appear to be a suitable option.” “If this leads to the transformation of Bandports into a sports ministry, without plans or projects or infrastructures for the development of sports and athletes, it will not result from this; Investments in sports and sports should be encouraged, because it is a matter of the state, public health and the well-being of the people.”

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confirmed, alternate ‘HD’, Anna Irene Delgado.

Al Saif Ranking (Female) 2020-2021. I will only list Spanish and English speaking athletes in America: N° 22 (Brazil) M. Nathlie. Point 78000. No. 25) (USA), Hollins Calheran. Points: 71,000. N°26 (USA), Hurley Courtney, (USA), Points, 69,000. N°39) (PERU), Doig Calderón María. 47,000 points. No. 43 (VEN.) Maria Martinez 44,000 points. No. 47 (Canada) AD. Leonora. Point 39,000. No. 49) (USA). Van Broomen Anna, point 34,000. No. 51 (Argentina) De Tella Isabel 31,000 points. No. 56) (USA), Catherine Nixon. Point, 30,000 points. No. 140)

(Costa Rica). Points 19. No. 464 (Panama) Maria Eliade Benedetto. Points 44. (Note. (Men’s Rating) Sword. No. 11), (Venezuela), Rubén Limardo Gascon. Point 105000.

No. 37. (USA), Curtis Mack. daddy. Points: 51,500. No. 42, (COME) Jesús Limardo. Point 44750. No. 46), (USA), Howell Jacob, (USA), Points, 41,000. . No. 54 (Argentina) Jose. F. Dominguez. Points: 34,625. No. 56 (COL), John E. Rodriguez, Points: 33,500. No. 64, (Fin) Limardo Francisco. Point 30750. No. 134, (Cuba), Reinier Henriquez Ortiz. 8750 points. No. 181) ARTURO ISSAC DORATI AMEGLIO. Points: 7500.0 No. 202. Jose Quiros (Panama). points, 6,000.00. Note this sad fact of fencing in Panama.

I repeat the words of the President of the International Olympic Committee, Dr. Jacob Rogge (RIP). He said: Sports is not the profession of a lifetime. When the athlete approaches the age of thirty, he has to start looking for a career.” With Don Dinero that athletes receive every year from “Pandeportes ATM”, they do not think about retirement. That’s how it is.

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