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It’s Christmas and many video game companies want to celebrate it by giving gifts to their community. Thanks to this, an independent team got very positive reviews about it steam It is available for free.

We are talking about press any buttonDeveloped by Eugene Zubiko and available at 100% off Steam. This means that you can get it completely for free to make it part of your collection and you can download it whenever you want.

To get this game for free, all you have to do is log into Steam, enter this link And press the “Add to Account” button. Once you do that, it will be part of your Steam account and you can download it from your library to play it. that’s easy!

It is worth noting that press any button It usually sells for $26.99. MXN. Even though you don’t save much, it’s still a good opportunity. Please note that the offer will end on September 12, 2021.

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What is that press any button?

You may not have heard of it before Press any button. That’s why we think you should know that it is an indie game that surprised the community by combining simple gameplay with an emotional story.

In it, we will follow the story of A-Eye, an artificial intelligence working on important scientific research. One day, this AI gets bored of its task and decides to turn his research into a video game, which will be difficult because he knows nothing about design, art or music.

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So, your task will be to dialogue with A-Eye and be critical of his work by completing different jobs. Keep in mind that it is an experience that takes about one hour.

What do you think of this new? Will you take advantage of the offer to claim this indie game? Tell us in the comments.

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