The constituency approved the nomination of Judge Lugonis to the Judicial Council

Alberto Lugones today received a second judicial approval to present himself as a candidate for the Judicial Council (Gustavo Gavotti)

Today, the National Electoral Chamber approved the nomination of a federal judge Alberto Lugones The Judicial Council of the Nation, the body responsible for selecting and impeaching national and federal judges and for administering the judiciary. He did this by rejecting the appeal of one of the competing lists in the elections scheduled for next Tuesday.

The court did not rule on the merits of the appeal, which is that Logones is not legally authorized to contest because he is currently a member of the board and the law prevents his re-election. Instead, the Chamber held that the objection was filed after the corresponding deadline.

The only example left to analyze the situation is the state’s High Court of Justice where “Judicial Obligation”, the list challenged in Lugonis, can be appealed. However, sources consulted before Infobae They noted that it is very difficult for the Supreme Court to intervene, especially because of the fairness of the times leading up to Tuesday’s elections. In addition, Compromiso Judicial has already moved to the Supreme Court through a per salt The Supreme Court has not decided whether to hear the case.

Lounes, who is currently a chancellor, is running for Celeste List, which is closest to the ruling party. Judicial obligation also competes with the Chamber of Commerce judge Eduardo Machineand the Bordeaux List, most critical of the national government, with a member of the Federal Chamber of Criminal Appeals Diego Barroitavina. Today, the representatives of Bordeaux and Compromiso form the opposition bloc in the Council.

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Faced with the search for Lugones’ re-election, Compromiso objected to his candidacy. Machin asserted that the law prevented council members from being re-elected and that when the Supreme Court declared merging 13 council members unconstitutional and changed it to 20, it specified who could be reelected and in those cases Logones was not.

At La Celeste, they answered that, strictly speaking, with the previous law unconstitutional, Logones was now running for a new rule, so it would not be a re-election but rather a first application.

The Electoral Council of the Judges’ Union accepted the appeal and annulled Lounes’ candidacy. But Celeste’s list appealed and the electoral judge Marie Cerveny You accept the prompt and enable the app. In view of this, the judicial obligation resumed the constituency.

Eduardo Machin (centre), judicial settlement candidate
Eduardo Machin (centre), judicial settlement candidate

Today, the court ruled in a 30-page ruling that I agreed to Infobae. He did it with the votes of the judges Santiago Corqueira And two members of the Federal Chamber of Civil and Commerce Guillermo Antello and Juan Pirosiello Visierwho were tempted to intervene in the case.

The presence of Perozziello Vizier sparked controversy. Judicial obligation challenged him because he is a member of that group and because in 2016 he was a candidate for the judges’ union elections. But both Perozziello Vizier and the constituency rejected the appeal.

Regarding the appeal against Lugones, the court held that it was filed after the deadline. The Chamber explained that the Board of Directors of the Judges’ Syndicate amended the dates in violation of what was stated in the election list.

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“It can only be concluded that the amendment of the conditions set by the Board of Directors of the Syndicate of Judges and the National Justice Staff has been implemented in stark contrast to the provisions governing the election of the judges who will constitute the Judicial Council in the Court of Authority of the Nation,” Judge Corqueira said in his vote, adding that the appeal In Lougones’ nomination “it was too late, and therefore, should not have been formally received by the bodies empowered to dissolve it .

By the same token, Antello argued that “it does not appear that the amendment of the electoral schedule which was initially approved had been requested by the Electoral Council” and that “it was not observed that there had been a supervisory event of an exceptional nature which would justify he-she.” That vote was accompanied by Judge Pirosiello Vizier.

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