US debt ceiling: House of Representatives will begin debate on bipartisan agreement to avoid default

The bipartisan agreement is moving forward to raise the US debt ceiling: This Wednesday it will be debated in the House of Representatives. (Reuters)

agreement between White House Republicans for Raise the debt ceiling overcame its first legislative hurdle on Tuesday after a panel of low camera Allow the discussion that begins on Wednesday in the hall.

step needed for Parliament Able to vote the deal through, it was brought about despite resistance from some of the more radical members of the party the Republican Partywho criticized the plan on the grounds that Fails to achieve adequate cuts in public spending.

“I want to be very clear. No Republican should vote for this deal. We are working hard to make sure it stopssaid the Conservative MP at a news conference Chip RoyHe is among those who raised his voice against the agreement.

he House Rules Committee with approval Seven votes in favor and six against Advance the legislative process.

If the compromise reached at the end of the week is approved by the President of the United States, joe biden, The Speaker of the House of Representatives is a Republican Kevin McCarthyAnd It will raise the debt ceiling for the next two yearsThat is, until after the next presidential election.

in contrast, The White House is committed to reducing spending levels and introducing some requirements for food aid programs and vulnerable families.

Approval of the agreement in Congress is crucial so that the country does not default on its public debt, after reaching the debt ceiling last January, the legal limit on the money the United States can borrow to meet its obligations.

In the event of approval, the compromise reached over the weekend by the US President, Joe Biden, and the Republican Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, will raise the debt ceiling for the next two years, that is, until after the next presidency. elections. (Reuters)

Even legislators June 5th To approve the measure in both Houses, the date on which Treasury department It is calculated that the state will exhaust its reserves.

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The agreement was criticized by some of the most radical members of the Republican Party, who called for its rejection, but also by some progressive members of the Republican Party. Democratic Party.

However, he has the support of bipartisan leadership in the House and Senate.

At a news conference Tuesday night, several Republicans from low camera They have shown their support for the proposal and are confident that on Wednesday they will have the votes needed to move it forward.

“There were members this morning who were undecided and had very valid questions, they got the information and tonight they said they would vote yes. I think they will continue to see support grow, and that is what happens with all the important bills,” said the House Republican majority leader, Steve Scales.

Conservatives have also argued that the proposal is just the beginning of a push to limit what they see as it Overspending By the Joe Biden government and the Democrats in Washington.

Lawmakers have until June 5 to approve the measure in both houses, which is the date the Treasury Department estimates the state will exhaust its reserves. (Reuters)

members Freedom blockAnd he, who belongs to the Republican far right, called on the media to rally against this regulation that seeks to prevent defaults on sovereign debt.

I had no idea there would be such an ephemeral and destructive plan. I will vote no and urge my colleagues to vote no“, he added Andy Biggswhich last week introduced a bill that called for taking advantage of unspent earmarked funds, such as Covid relief, to push back the potential default date and be able to continue negotiating.

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Negotiation does not mean completely ignoring what we have agreed toHe also criticized the congressman Ralph Norman.

legislator Lauren Boebert And he agreed that that chamber had done its job and that neither the President, Joe Biden, nor the Senate, which is controlled by the Democrats, had done their part. “If every Republican voted for what was advocated on the campaign trail, tomorrow they will vote against this bad deal,” he said.

(with info from EFE and AFP)

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