Half of my patients hate me.

Any medical statement that includes issues related to the patient’s daily life provokes a response. Gerald Eber He is an American plastic surgeon who posted a startling warning on his TikTok account about which exercises age people faster.

“Half of my patients love me for that, and half of my patients hate me for that,” Dr. Gerald Ember said, laughing in the TikTok clip. The word that causes love and hate consists of six letters: Being.

In the viral video, the 82-year-old asked: “Have you ever seen a long-distance runner who didn’t have a scrawny, old face?” “This is what happens.”

For the doctor, running not only affects facial features, but also catastrophically affects other parts of his body, as he put it. New York Post.

Ember, who specializes in facial and body procedures, notes that a little running every day and a few miles every other day is fine, but anything more than that is too much.

“Your knees and ankles are gone, [y] He said, “Your back is going.” “It’s a little silly.”

The word equivalent of balancing running and not running It’s moderation. Despite all the negative effects of running on the body, the doctor admitted this Exercising also has benefits While he reiterated his point, like everything, it should be done in moderation.

He advises his patients that they can run a bit for aerobic exercise, but those who are no-impact or low-impact are best. “This is really the way to work out,” he explained.

One topic that has long been discussed among health experts is the “runner’s face.”

The doctor and athlete, Kia Mufsagi, said that the appearance is due to the delicacy of the body and the constant exposure to the sun. He gave many examples of people doing outdoor activities.

d said. Mofsagi for the platform: “Skinny gardeners, skiers, construction workers, surfers, sailors, tennis players, cyclists, golfers, the list could go on, and they often have the same characteristics.” Healthline . “People just confuse causation with correlation.”.

Ember, who specializes in facial and body surgeries, notes that running a little bit every day and several miles every other day is fine.

“As we age, our skin produces less collagen and elastin, and exposure to UV rays speeds up this process,” added the athlete and doctor.

The TikTok video, which has garnered nearly two million views since it was posted last month, has had countless comments.

“I totally agree with you,” said one person claiming to be a personal trainer. One user joked, “You don’t have to tell me twice. I do long distance rides while I sit.” Another joked, “I only run if something is coming. So if you see me running…you should run too.”

“My dad is 70 and his biggest regret was being a runner. His knees were shot and he walked like it hurts. If I could turn back time, I would choose another type of aerobic exercise,” user Jack Tours wrote.

Another user commented: “If you’re also going to run, do it on a softer surface of the road. I see people doing it all the time. Hard, uneven surfaces next to cars, breathing in exhaust fumes.”

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Running is a branch of athletics that – due to the number of people who practice it – has a majority of followers. The question after the medical opinion is whether moderation is stronger than the desire to consume kilometers or more. Even at the cost of punishing the flesh.

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