Peru: Keiko Fujimori plays the OAS card in Bolivia | Without presenting evidence of fraud, the Right hopes Luis Almagro will accept an audit of the ballot

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without providing evidence of the alleged fraud he denounced and when the highest electoral authority began to reject his claims of invalidating votes it did not support,Right-wing Keiko Fujimori, who was defeated in the presidential election by rural educator Pedro Castillo, is now seeking intervention from the Organization of American States (OAS) to try to reverse their defeat. On Monday, the daughter of imprisoned former dictator Alberto Fujimori left at the Government Palace Letter to President Francisco Sagaste asking him to convene a meeting of the Organization of American States to scrutinize the electoral process. So far there has been no response from the Peruvian government. Fujimori and his allies, increasingly plotters for the coupYes, they said they would not recognize Castillo’s victory or the legitimacy of the next government if his demand for an OAS audit was not accepted.

The formal announcement of Castillo as president-elect is expected next week, or towards the end of this week if the pace is accelerated, when the electoral authorities finish seeing the vote revocation requests made by Fujimori. But everything will take much longer if the audit of the Organization of American States opens, however, many experts on this topic are of the opinion that it cannot flourish.

A trip to the USA المتحدة

The Peruvian right hopes that the Organization of American States in Peru will repeat the dubious role it played in Bolivia and support the exit of a coup that would reverse the outcome of the elections or cancel the elections. Kiko’s advisors announced a trip to Washington to meet with the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, and ask them to intervene in the Peruvian elections. The OAS’s agreement to review the Peruvian elections means that it will ignore the reports of its mission. From the observers who supported the cleanliness and legitimacy of these elections. That would be a scandal. All other observation missions also issued reports confirming the correctness of the elections. The European Union, the US government, and governments in the region, such as Argentina, among others, have spoken out in favor of the legitimacy of the elections that gave victory to Professor Castillo.

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In her letter to President Sagaste, Keiko spoke of “a lot of irregularities” in the electoral process, but does not provide evidence to support her claims. Fujimorism plans to cancel more than 200,000 votes in rural areas where Castillo won broadly, Thus, the electoral result that gave Castillo the victory was shifted by more than 44,000 votes. They claim, with the experts’ questionable opinions on their part, that there are signatures in the polling station members’ transcripts that do not match those on the identity document, and thus denounce alleged identity plagiarism, and demand these polling station votes. Canceled. It does not provide any evidence of a change in the rating. They could not make a single case of a person supporting the complaint that the law’s signature is not his and certifies that he was actually replaced in his work as electoral prosecutor. On the contrary, more than thirty allegedly forged and signed board members whose names were publicly disclosed stated that there was no forgery or impersonation and that the signatures belonged to them.

Right-wing spokesmen admitted they had no evidence of fraud, but insisted there were wrongdoing. Former Minister Dante Cordova admitted that “we have no evidence of fraud,” and is a key spokesperson for the right condemning fraud and calling for the intervention of the Organization of American States.

Electoral Court rejects invalidity claims

As Fujimorism pursues the Organization of American States and bounces back on the legitimacy of national electoral bodies, the National Elections Arbitration Commission (JNE) on Monday, after four days of paralysis caused by the resignation of one of its four members, resumed hearings analyzing Fujimori’s demands to annul Castillo’s votes. The electoral jury refused again, for not supporting all the motions for invalidity of votes considered.

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Without arguments in their claims of nullifying the election winner’s votes, Fujimorismo and his allies on the right are not only betting on help from the Organization of American States, but also playing their own internal cards to promote a coup that ignores the election result. They questioned the legality of the Electoral Tribunal to rule against him and said that if this body proclaimed Castillo as president, as everything indicated would happen in the coming days, they would not accept this decision and would disregard the legitimacy of the new government. . Retired military officers, led by former dictator Francisco Morales Bermúdez (1975-1980), who was convicted by an Italian court for his participation in the Condor Plan, publicly demanded that the armed forces ignore Castillo’s victory, a coup d’état that Fujimori lauded. Elected members of Congress and politicians allied with Keiko also spoke in the same vein. The defeated on the right took off the mask and revealed their revolutionary messages.

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