The breach seized Pellegrini and charged them $1,000 to park in the area: boundaries must be set

Pellegrini was seized by violators and charged $1,000 for parking in the area: ‘We have to set limits’

Seizures and threats to motorists were continuing this weekend. The council and the municipality still have not found a solution

While the council and the municipality continue without addressing the controversial issue of the pressures and extortions on traffickers in the city’s main food corridors, the actions of car guards this weekend returned to the center of the scene in the vicinity of Pellegrini and its parallel streets Cochabamba and Montevideo.. There, one group directly demanded payment of 1,000 pesos in advance from motorists who left their cars in the area.

In the council, there are four initiatives under study, ranging from completely prohibiting activity to regulating it, but all of them remain under analysis, while several areas in the city are at the mercy of extortion.

Carlos Cardoso, advisor to the Together for Change organization, praised the approval of the Coexistence Charter, noting that one of its articles opens the door for the executive authority to fight this type of mafias. However, he considered that without coordinated action between the police and municipal oversight bodies, it would be impossible to put it into effect.

In fact, it is Section 300 of the law which states: “A person who, by specified acts, obstructs or alters the flow or safety of traffic, or who, through acts of extortion and/or in any other way, claims a preference for the use of the road or shall be punished.” Part of it if he obtains permission from the authority.”

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“These regulations allow us to address the problem of breach. When we agreed to the Code, we knew that it was advice but not a final solution. Moreover, in order to move forward, it is essential that the police and surveillance agencies work together,” he considered.

In this order, He appreciated that there had already been positive experiences with activity control at parties such as those of Joaquín Sabina and Ricky Martin. He added: “They were very good experiences and showed that this matter can be regulated. There is no doubt that sabotage is an activity that must have limits.”

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In the Council, the range of options for addressing these practices on the street is diverse. The Macrista force is seeking to ban them from the metered parking area, a similar initiative is promoting the Return to Rosario complex and there are proposals to integrate car guards.

Meanwhile, the extortion activity continues, and the cost of parking a car for a weekend on the street in the Pellegrini area costs a thousand pesos.

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