The bodies that could belong to the members of the Committee of the Disappeared Land Recovery Unit arrive at Villavicencio for Legal Medicine

The bodies of four citizens, belonging to the Land Restitution Unit Commission (URT), were sent this Tuesday to the Forensic Institute of Villavicencio, Meta, which were found in the borders of the municipalities of Mesetas and Uribe al. west of this section.

This was confirmed by the Secretary of the Government of Meta, Carlos Osorio, who indicated that the bodies that would be for three women and one man, They are in the process of identification with the aim of establishing whether they are connected to the compensation unit officials who disappeared on May 27 in this sector..

The group, which was carrying out cadastral work in the municipality of Mesetas when his disappearance was reported, consists of Karen Solei Garay Soto, collaborator with the entity; Yamilf Curtis Uribe and Sandra Melina Cortes Uribe, applicants for the land restoration operation; and the driver of the vehicle in which they were taken, John Stephen Kagua.

For its part, the Islamic Courts Union stated that it is awaiting official information from the authorities that are investigating the case and identifying the bodies that could belong to the members of the commission.

Since the disappearance of the four people became known, the general forces and the land return unit have activated the urgent search mechanismThe entity indicated that meetings for institutional expression were constantly held with local authorities, national governmental bodies, the international community and citizens to enhance efforts that allow knowing the whereabouts of the commission.”

On the other hand, the Office of the Ombudsman confirmed to El Espectador newspaper, that the entity has no records of other citizens who have disappeared in this sector, west of Meta province, where there are remaining groups of demobilized FARC fighters.

Photo: Land Restitution Unit.
Photo: Land Restitution Unit.

According to URT, the commission left Villavicencio on May 25 for Mesetas, where they carried out two days of work. Later, on May 27, at 3:30 p.m., when they were on a property in the village of San Isidro, contact with the group was lost.

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The leaders of the LGBT union indicated on that occasion that they feared for the lives of the four disappeared, because they could be under the authority of illegal armed groups operating in Meta.

In particular, the entity noted the presence of dissident groups from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in the province.

It must be remembered that this area of ​​Meta is one of the areas most affected by the internal conflict in the country, which is why the URT confirmed at that time that it had informed the National Police, the National Army and the Public Prosecutor’s Office in order to clarify the facts and find the sisters of Garay, Kagua and Cortes Uribe is alive and well.

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