The Blue Beetle’s outfit looks impressive in the first pictures of the new DC movie shoot

The first sight blue ladybug he is here. Although only concept art for the 2021 DC FanDome has been officially revealed, this week the first images of filming for the production directed and with Angel Manuel Soto have surfaced. The suit that Xolo Maridueña will wear while presenting Jaime Reyes.

from Jared only They filmed some of the Blue Beetle scenes in the Atlanta region of the United States, and as you’ll see later, Maridueña was present in those movies with every superhero costume she’d wear in the movie.

As the images show, the Blue Beetle’s movie suit will be quite similar to its comics counterpart and won’t stray too far from the aforementioned artistic concept design.

The Blue Beetle will have a great cast to represent the Jaime Reyes family, but perhaps the most significant confirmation of the cast so far is that Susan Sarandon will play Victoria Cord. At the moment, it is not clear whether this character will be related to Ted Kord, the most famous blue beetle in the comics, and rumors linking Jason Sudeikis to this role have not been reconfirmed. refute by some means.

Blue Beetle is scheduled to be released in theaters in August 2023.

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