The best cities to live in if you want to move from CDMX to Canada

If you are tired of living in CDMX and are looking for options to relocate, then these cities in Canada are a good option.

Mexico City is great: cosmopolitan, diverse, energetic and authentic. However, there are many factors that can make everyday life a tiring experience, such as traffic, insecurity, and rental costs. There are people who have always dreamed of other landscapes, and Canada It is one of the spoiled countries among those who prefer to travel abroad for their sake Economytheir beauty Natural views and their indicators protection. Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa are a few options that come to mind most quickly when we think about this, but it turns out that they are. Lots of cities Equally or more attractive to those who wish to leave CDMX and live in canada. Here we tell you more about it!

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Calgary, Alberta

Not quite the intimidating proportions of Vancouver or Montreal, Calgary is cosmopolitan city With large buildings that never lose their charm “Cowboy Town” Hence, here you will have the best of both worlds. On the other hand, it meets all the requirements to offer an enviable quality of life: it is Quiet, safe and modern, with good wages and low taxes, plus stunning views of the Rocky Mountains. For foreigners, the province of Alberta offers very good programs to apply to permanent residence relatively easily.

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Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Capital of the province of Prince Edward Island. Like Calgary, this city is from The perfect size To enjoy a calmer pace of life and a deeper sense of community, without losing the benefits of big cities (such as an active cultural life, squares, theatres, cinemas and restaurants). Thanks to its size, it is also a good place to be Family upbringing and l Starting a business Private, as the economy is stable and receives a good number of tourists annually.

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Winnipeg, Manitoba

The provincial capital of Manitoba is known for its natural beauty A sparkling cultural scene And the preservation of architecture since the beginning of the twentieth century in some of its neighborhoods. Another factor that makes Winnipeg one of the best cities to move to in Canada is The warmth and diversity of its people – In fact, it is one of the cities that receives the most immigrants, which is why it is also growing very quickly – in addition to housing costsBecause rents are among the lowest in the entire country. Perhaps the only drawback is the climate, as winters in this province can be severe, but the visual sights of northern Canada mitigate the discomfort.

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Levis, Quebec

Being located in the province of Quebec, the official language of this city is French And the winters are harsh, but living in Levis also has a number of worthwhile advantages. First of all, it is one of the cities where it is located lower rents Canada – even in the second most populous province – and electricity cost It is also the lowest in all of North America and much of it comes from clean energy.

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Mississauga, Ontario

This city is located Less than 40 km from Toronto —close enough to consider your daily commute, yet far enough away to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city—and known for being home to dozens of communities from around the world, which is reflected in Cultural and gastronomic show And in the warmth of her family. With its stunning architecture and many parks, Mississauga has been listed as one of the best cities to live in Canada on several occasions. The only drawback is the costs, because they are One of the most expensive cities from the state.

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Regina, Saskatchewan

If you thought moving to Canada meant saying goodbye to the sun, we have great news for you, because Regina is The sunniest capital from this country. Although it is the capital of Saskatchewan and the second largest city in the province, it has actually kept a low profile among immigrants arriving in Canada for years. However, in recent years there have been many Economic developments and job opportunities They attract people from all over the world. What always characterizes the city is its liveliness culture scene so is it Natural Beauty And architectural, so you don’t have to worry about that. In terms of housing, rental prices vary widely from neighborhood to neighborhood, so it all depends on your budget and priorities.

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