The Astronomical Park shared an afternoon of science with Donovan students

About 60 children learned and enjoyed the functions of the mobile planetarium, observed the sky with a solar telescope, immersed themselves in the microscopic world in the fold-out telescope booth and experienced virtual reality.

The Extension Secretariat of the University of La Punta, through the Astronomical Park, has presented the scientific and educational initiatives that the region is developing, which are published through the course. “San Luis Skies”For students of Uniendo Caminos Rural Generative High School.

We continue to add visits to institutions to bring children closer to science, especially astronomy. “The idea is that students can enjoy a different experience during school hours, and learn in a fun and entertaining way about the initiatives developed by PALP,” said Head of the Scientific Publishing Programme, Javier Torres.

Student Milagros Magallan indicated that she learned other aspects about planet Earth and the galaxy. “I loved the planetarium, and seeing the sun and planets in detail. “It’s the first time I’ve seen them this way.”

The kids were very involved and loved the technology, virtual reality and planetarium. I would especially like to thank this possibility that ULP offers to students who often do not have the facilities to access the park, and to the PALP team who shared this afternoon Science at Schoolsaid Sandra Andrada, high school coordinator.

Note and photos: ULP Press.

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