Joe Biden targeted Republicans

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Less than a month before the federal government ran out of funding, the president harshly criticized the opposition

The United States is on the cusp of a new crisis: The federal government will enter its fourth “shutdown” in a decade next month unless the Republican-controlled House and Democratic-controlled Senate can pass a long-term or short-term resolution. Term finance invoice.

To achieve this, the House and Senate will meet for approximately 12 days before funding for the US government expires on September 30.

But, mindful of the difficult task, President Joe Biden on Thursday delivered a harsh message, warning that Republican-backed spending cuts would take a toll on the economy and population.

Some House Republicans are calling for spending cuts for fiscal year 2024 to $1.47 trillion, about $120 billion less than what Biden and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy agreed to in May in a debt spending cap agreement.

White House and Senate leaders, including Republican leader Mitch McConnell, rejected this Republican request in the House of Representatives.

“They did it again, broke their commitment, threatened more cuts and threatened to shut down the government again,” Biden said in a speech at Prince George’s Community College in Maryland.

Additionally, after listing estimates of what the cuts would mean for education and security programs, he said, “All the time they spend attacking me and attacking my plan, they never talk about what they want to do.”

“His plan, MAGAnomics, is more extreme than anything Americans have seen before,” added Biden, who may soon face impeachment on charges of profiting from his son Hunter’s business.

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Currently, the US economy grew at an annual rate of 2.1% in the last quarter, while the unemployment rate of 3.8% is just above the lowest levels in decades. In addition, the annual inflation rate is about 3.7%.

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