The American Agricultural Company leases 36 Tamaulipas Grupo Milenio

company Lippman Family Farmsfocus on agricultural sector In the United StateConfirm appointment 36 day laborers from Tamaulipaswho is leaving for fl. This leads to an increase in the number of employees of the entity working outside their territory, since they are located in American FederationAnd Canada And Germany.

went through National Employment Service (SNE) How the association between the company and the interested parties has been formalized, by participating in collaboration with Minister of Labour with rural developmentto recruit citizens now focused on growing and harvesting tomatoes, the main product to be sold, as well as other vegetables.

Lippman Family Farmsrepresented in the law Rocio HerediaIt has three vegetable farms. To this from Florida added facilities OklahomaAnd South CarolinaAnd Virginia And Coloradoas well as the operation and distribution center in Hermosillo and offices in Mexico City.

Recently, another group of farm-focused workers left Canada for similar tasks. In contrast, there is 53 nurses Women and men recruited by hospitals in Germany and patient care in the hospitals mentioned above. The aforementioned Employment Bureau continues to offer jobs in these countries, including specialized labor in the industrial field.

At the event presided over by owners Olga Sosa Ruiz and Damaso Anaya Alvarado, as well as company managers responsible for conducting interviews and merging files, farewells were said before traveling to the neighboring country. This is included in the overseas labor mobility program, which this year has benefited more than 560 employees of the entity.

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