The age and expansion of the universe in two cosmic news that make you think

by @employee – June 24, 2023

M92/ESA/Hubble Galaxy Cluster, NASA, Gilles Chapdelaine

As proof of how strange the universe is precisely what is discovered, theorized and interpreted, Some news of a cosmic nature that I saw happening caught my attention.

first in Science news Talking about M92 globular clusterwhich will appear according to the new notes 13.8 billion years. But we also know that 13,800 years is roughly the age of the universe. (the great explosion)So Nothing does add It is true that the method used has a potential error of about 750 million years, but the data has astounded scientists.

other news in Live Science points to Study a new theory about the expansion of the universe. This theory asserts that the seemingly contradictory data regarding the expansion and acceleration of the universe, dark matter and the cosmological constant (especially the latter) are due to the fact that the most accepted model could be a kind of “mirage”. ». They claim to have developed a model of the universe in which there is no expansion, but the rest of the data still matches the observations, mainly because It will be subatomic particles, such as protons and electrons, which may vary in mass over time.

This last theory kind of reminded me of Theory Variable speed of light, popularized by João Magueijo in 2011 in his book Faster Than The Speed ​​Of Light, where he asserted that the speed of light is not constant but slows down over time. Obviously, this theory It didn’t work

to update: By the way, there are rare theories about light The speed of light in one direction, which I read something about a while ago and there’s more on wikipedia. In this case, the problem is that when velocity is measured in experiments, it is usually measured with some kind of clock and bounced off a mirror (say, sending it to the moon, back and forth, or off a lab table, back and forth). lap) then divide the distance by two and that’s it. This theory states that both speeds They don’t have to be the same And this is the speed c It can be different depending on the circumstances. The difficulty of correctly measuring light in only one direction is due to the fact that it is difficult to actually move two or more clocks and keep them in sync, due to time dilation in general relativity (it’s easy to see the problem by imagining that you move the clock very quickly before doing the experiment). The truth is, the first experiments in this regard weren’t made until the 1960s and not much has been done since then. If this speed were not the same in all conditions, this would lead to the emergence of cosmological theories that are somewhat different from the current ones.

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In short, explanations and theories that can initially be classified as “extravagant” although at the same time they are very curious, and which have already been published in various scientific journals for those who wish to look at them more comprehensively.


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