“Teknopolis” returns to open a window to science at ETB

“Teknopolis” returns to open a window to science at ETBEITB

Shaping a TV show around science, and making topics like technology and innovation also attractive to a non-specialist audience, does not seem like an easy task. But there is an example that proves that this is possible. TechnopolisThis is the program that ETB-1 devoted to these topics a quarter of a century ago, produced by Al-Hawyar Company, which Today begins its 26th season starting at 1:30 PM (Sunday on ETB-2 at 12:00 PM).

Technopolis, like the subjects to which it is devoted, has been constantly evolving throughout this time and always provides a close and nuanced treatment of these scientific topics. Both Al-Huyar and EITB highlight that his “maturity led him to a conscious handling of the issues.”. It has long incorporated a gender perspective, as well as a linguistic perspective, and in recent seasons has also embraced social responsibility in the face of the climate emergency.

New topics

To start the season, a very high-profile discovery was chosen, the Hand of Aeroligi. The program provides clues that allow us to understand the significance of what has been found, starting with its context.

But this will only be the beginning, because in keeping with what has always been a constant at Technopolis, Not only does it try to provide interesting content but it strives to go the extra mile. According to Elhuyar and EITB, we will be able to see the site of Atapuerca up close; We will meet the Pyrenean newt that lives in the Goizueta rivers and an important scientific expedition that will reach the Basque coast; We will try to explain the paradox of declining fertility and increasing population.

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Nearby information

Iñaki Litoria returns to helm Technopolis, both as showrunner and director. In Litoria’s opinion, “TV is image and sound, and the proper use of both sources facilitates the treatment of science, as scientific subjects are especially appreciated when appropriate resources are used.”

At the beginning of the previous season, Amaya Esquizabel, Research Director of the Basque Government, highlighted that Technopolis has become a benchmark in the dissemination of science, technology and innovation. “Maintaining the program for so many years demonstrates our community’s interest in these topics. Technopolis is an open window to the sciences being developed in Euskadi and around the worldAnd every weekend it brings us closer and helps us understand the latest developments.

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