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These fruits are fun and include strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, raspberries or currants. The strawberries are bright red in color, heart-shaped with a skin full of small seeds. It is possible to have it throughout the year, eaten fresh, with cream, yogurt or sugar, or in desserts, jellies or ice cream.

In addition, they appreciate the preparation of chutneys or coulis to be served with desserts in jams or jellies. Likewise, they pair well with leafy greens, such as a salad of spinach, avocado, and strawberries with balsamic vinegar, honey, pepper, and olive oil. Keep in mind that it is a good combination with iron-rich vegetables for better absorption in the intestines.

It’s always a good idea to choose firm strawberries with a good color and no mold. It breaks down easily, so be sure to consume it soon or keep it in the refrigerator and in a closed container. To prepare it, remove the stem and pat it gently with your hands or a small knife. You can use them whole or in chips.

It is possible to have it throughout the year, and it is eaten fresh, with cream, yogurt or sugar, or in desserts.

Raspberries are red, some are covered with fuzz, brittle and full of small seeds. They are delicious on the palate, you can eat them fresh or with cream or yogurt. Also, in ice cream to accompany cereal or in shakes. It should be firm, free of juice, and consumed in a short time. Store in the fridge or freezer for smoothies. To prepare jam or jelly, carefully remove the stems.

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Blackberries are rich in a specific aroma, and they can also be eaten raw if they are ripe so that they are not bitter. They allow it to be prepared cooked into jelly or jam. It should be eaten on short notice and refrigerated for a few days so it does not spoil. Plus, there are cranberries that provide an enjoyable experience, as you can harvest them yourself to eat immediately raw or mix them with minimal sugar and lemon to accompany other fruits or desserts.

Blueberries are a color between blue and purple or red, and are used in sauces to accompany savory dishes such as roasts, desserts, or in juice form. Nutritionally, forest fruits are very low in calories and are an important source of Vitamin C. Keeping in mind that some fruits are better cooked because the sugar gives them more flavor as is the case with cranberries.

Being delicate and perishable, they wear off quickly; It is important to check its condition before purchasing it. When it’s off-season, frozen fruit without sweeteners or added sugars is a good alternative. Plus, in dried or dry form, they’ll be fun at any time of the day. So they are delicious and loved naturally or recipes of your choice.

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