T-MEC’s ​​priority will be with Canada and Mexico: Catherine Tay

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Launch a program New Free Trade Agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico will be a “priority.” Future American commercial actress, Catherine Tay, who wants to rebuild “alliances and international cooperation.”

Tai, who was born in 1974 and graduated from Yale and Harvard Universities, will appear before the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday to confirm his appointment as the new ambassador for US trade policy. He will succeed Robert Lighthizer in this highly influential position.

According to his speech released on Wednesday, he will tell the Senate on Thursday, “It will be my priority to implement and enforce renewed conditions for our trade relations with Canada and Mexico.”

Tai played a major role in Status of the New Mexico, US and Canada Trade Agreement (T-MEC)The Donald Trump administration negotiated it.

Then he advised the Republican government on aspects related to the labor law. This treaty, she said, is an “important stage in reforming” her country’s trade strategy.

“We must continue to pursue ambitious trade policies to win strong bipartisan support (Democrats and Republicans,” he adds in his speech.

Following Biden’s will, Tai says he will strive to rebuild alliances and cooperationAnd to deal with international institutions “to secure the necessary reforms that allow the world to unite and face common threats such as climate change, the epidemic and the global economic recession.”

“This leadership duty extends, of course, to overcoming the challenges posed by China,” he says in his speech.

However, Tai knows that the task will be difficult, because the Asian country is simultaneously “a competitor, a trading partner and an important player” and Washington will also need to face some global challenges. ”

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Of Chinese descent, Tai, an Asian nation expert and trade attorney, is one of the few Biden nominated figures with a wide range of support.

Therefore, confirmation of their appointment should be merely a formality.


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