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Washington, USA. France Press agency.

The Pentagon has officially released three videos by US Navy pilots showing unidentified UFOs. One of these videos with a black and white photo is from November 2004, the other two from January 2015. They have been circulating on the Internet for some time, especially after they were published in the New York Times.

And the US Department of Defense said in a statement, on Monday, that it decided to broadcast it “to dispel any misconception from the public about the validity or incorrectness of the images that were broadcast or about the fact of knowing whether there is more or not.”

The Pentagon added that “the weather phenomenon observed in the videos is still classified as” unknown. “

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In one of these videos, published by El País de España, you can see how a rectangular object is moving rapidly, and a few seconds after it is detected by one of the marine sensors, it disappears to the left after a sudden acceleration.

In another video, an object is highlighted above the clouds and the pilot is heard in the cockpit voice asking if it is a drone.

“There is a swarm (…) Oh my God, they are all marching against the wind! A westerly wind is 120 knots!” Said his flight companion. “Look at this thing!” , Says the interlocutor at a time when the thing is starting to spin.

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Retired Navy pilot David Frafor, who discovered one of those UFOs in 2004, told CNN in 2017 that the object was moving intermittently.

“When I approached him (…), he quickly accelerated towards the south and disappeared in less than two seconds,” it was “like a ping pong ball bouncing against a wall,” as he summed up then.

Harry Reid, a former senator from Nevada, the state where the 51 Air Force facilities are located, celebrated in a tweet in which the Pentagon posted the photos, although he regretted that the videos “barely touch the surface of the investigations and the available documents.”

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The United States should take a serious and scientific look at this and all the potential implications for national security. The American people deserve to know.

In December 2017, the Department of Defense approved funding for a covert multi-million dollar program through 2012 to investigate UFO sightings.

The three videos, “FLIR”, “GOFAST” and “GIMBAL” can be downloaded from the Naval Aviation Systems Command website.

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