T-MEC recognizes the importance of the relationship between Mexico, the European Union and Canada

Mexico City /

The Special Committee to monitor the implementation of The Senate T-MEC (CESITMEC) acknowledged that the economic relationship that Mexico, the United States and Canada have maintained has helped them position and maintain North America as one of the most important and most competitive productive regions in the world, while at the same time allowing each country to develop its own economic and social well-being through Trade ties that unite it, respecting each supremacy at all times.

Through an announcement, the Commission indicated that in the case of Differences on the interpretation and application of the provisions of T-MEC, To prevent these from jeopardizing diplomatic relations between partner nations, the treaty has tools that allow for review of potential disputes and for agreements to be reached that satisfy the parties involved.

This is the case Dispute Settlement Mechanism, agreed and established by the three countries In Chapter 31 to resolve any matter that may affect the interests of the partners, and thus the application of the Treaty, which provides certainty for trade, business and investment in the area.

The Special Committee estimated Consultation request from USA and Canada As an opportunity to endorse the willingness that Mexico has always shown to listen and dialogue with its strategic partners while ensuring that the national interest prevails.

“CESITMEC expresses its support for the predominance of constructive dialogue between the parties, as an unfavorable outcome against our country will affect the economy and the well-being of thousands of families in the three countries. In this sense, Mexico will face complex negotiations that require a high-level political dialogue that respects the rule of law, the Constitution, Mexican laws, international law and obligations promised in the treaty.

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Likewise, the Special Committee reiterated its commitment to act as an official A space where respect, dialogue and synergy prevail between the various actors and institutions, both public and private, and hopes that the immediate resolution of the consultations will allow Mexico to continue to position itself as a reliable partner and a productive and competitive reference worldwide.


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